Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Cartabia pushes vaccines in prison. “At the start on agents and prisoners, we have to run

“The first need of those who work and live in prison today is to protect themselves against the virus, which brings disease to the body and generates tension, anxiety and worries in the spirit”. And the protection par excellence against Covid is the vaccine. Which must be administered as soon as possible to all inmates, operators and prison officers. For the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, the watchword at the moment is to accelerate immunization in prisons. The owner of via Arenula met today with the heads of the Department of Penitentiary Administration. “It is urgent that the administration of vaccinations, which began in some prisons already a few weeks ago, should continue quickly”, he declared at the end of the meeting, announcing that the ministry “will make the information and data in its possession available to all through the site “.

During the confrontation with the Dap, the minister quoted Piero Calamandrei, who said that to understand the complexity of the prison one had to see it. “Since I too have seen, I have never forgotten – said the minister – the faces, conditions, stories of those I met”.

Looking forward to official figures and global on the vaccine in prison, which could arrive shortly, the relevant data is that we are proceeding hand in hand with the immunization of prisoners and those who work in prison. The campaign, however, it did not start everywhere, also in this case the competence of the regions weighs heavily. But the list of prisons that have already begun – among these there are the prisons of Abruzzo, Sicily, Lombardy and an institute in Puglia – should, according to what those who know that world well say, should be extended shortly. In Lazio, for example, it starts in a few days, probably in mid-March.

There are regions where, however, the car proceeds particularly slowly. Or, indeed, it is stationary. This is the case of Molise, Basilicata and Campania. And right in Campania, a few days ago, three agents, serving at the Carinola prison, died of Covid. “We have the dead but not the vaccine – he attacks, joined by HuffPost, the regional guarantor for prisoners Samuele Ciambriello – since the beginning of the pandemic in Campania 5 agents have died, average age 50, 4 prisoners and a medical director. Contrary to what someone said, the prison is anything but a place that is immune to the virus ”. And the proof of this lies in the numbers: “Out of 6412 inmates, 724 were infected in Campania. Eight hundred in all, on the other hand, positive agents, out of about 4500”, comments Ciambriello, who strongly asks for an acceleration. Same situation in Molise, a red region for the high Covid risk, where not even one where an anti Covid vaccine has yet been administered to prison staff: “Other categories are vaccinating, university professors, for example, but prison officers are not. They asked them to book through a platform. There was no need, since the availability had already been given previously with a form provided by the Dap “, he tells Huffpost. Aldo Di Giacomo leader of the general secretary of the Penitentiary Police Syndicate S.PP. A not dissimilar scenario is seen in Basilicata. “The Lucanian penitentiary structures – he explains to HuffPost Francesca Sassano, lawyer and regional head of prisons for the Criminal Chambers – they have small numbers compared to those of other regions, so no major problems have been recorded due to Covid. But immunization in local prisons hasn’t started yet. Prison facilities are considered to be the rear in one region which, however, is slightly behind the others in terms of vaccination campaigns. The perspective should be reversed, all the more so because, as far as prisoners are concerned, we are talking about people who cannot self-determine ”.

If in these three regions there is a stalemate, elsewhere the machine to keep prisons safe from the virus has started, for the owner of via Arenula it is urgent that she now go faster. And that’s what they ask for the trade unions of the Penitentiary Police.

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Gennario De Fazio, general secretary of the Uilpa penitentiary police, points out that precise and timely interventions are necessary: ​​”On the subject, all the problems and inefficiencies deriving from the fragmentation of the national health service which does not allow national planning even according to the most urgent needs . A single control room would be needed, perhaps even through an ad hoc legislative intervention. Furthermore, although requested by us, organizational directives from the DAP are slow to arrive and this further complicates things in the suburbs ”.

Di Giacomo refers to organizational problems in the territories. The risk of these delays is that the Covid emergency in prisons will recur, as well as in the autumn. With the danger that the virus today is even more disruptive: “The variants can be devastating – continues Di Giacomo – for this reason we must run with the immunization of prisoners, who are under the protection of the State and, even before that, of the agents, a strange claim of part, but because living outside, they can bring the virus to prison ”. At a time when, however, the incidence of positives has dropped compared to the last months of last year: currently positive prisoners, according to data from the Ministry of Health, are 421, out of a recluse population of 52,522 people. The agents who have contracted Covid are 537, out of a total of 36,939. The hope of those who live and work in prison is that these numbers will go down, instead of going up. Also thanks to vaccinations.

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