Monday, April 19, 2021
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Celine is shocked that Nikita Mirzani’s marriage is not until she is a year old – Artist Nikita praises Celine Evangelista and Stefan William’s household which has entered five years of marriage. She was sad when she compared her three failed marriages at the age of corn.

Initially, Nikita Mirzani discussed the domestic conflicts of Celine Evangelista and Stefan William. He wondered why the two of them separated.

“The household becomes chaotic like this, never been gossiped about, or not in the third person, so what?” Asked Nikita Mirzani to Celine Evangelista on her YouTube channel, Monday (30/3/2021).

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Celine Evangelista is apparently still not ready to reveal the cause of her fight with Stefan William. However, he is sure of one thing, every married couple will definitely face ups and downs in building a household dip.

“In that relationship, there must be a problem, sis. It is impossible to keep going smoothly, there is no way to be happy and happy, the problem has been that it has been a long time since there has been a debate about this,” answered Celine Evangelista.

The curiosity of the ex-wife of Sajad Ukra is getting worse. Nikita Mirzani again asked questions about Celine Evangelista and Stefan William’s household.

“Indeed, how long have you and Stefan been married ?,” asked Nikita Mirzani.

“Almost five years,” added Celine Evangelista.

Nikita Mirzani was immediately surprised to hear this. Instead of digging into Celine Evangelista’s secrets, he confided in her.

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“Oh yes? Amazing, you know aja never had a year (of marriage), never before, “said Nikita Mirzani.

“Time ?,” Celine Evangelista said in surprise.

“By Allah. Never felt a household dip for years, never, haha. So you are extraordinary,” said Nikita Mirzani.



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