Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Home World Censorship and lawlessness rage in the medium from Wiertnicza.

Censorship and lawlessness rage in the medium from Wiertnicza.

We are talking about one of the leading media on the Vistula River, TVN – part of the media consortium Discovery Communications, Inc.
The censorship appeared when it appeared that Katarzyna Kieli, the managing director of Discovery EMEA, to which TVN is subject, was vaccinated out of sequence with the Pfizer vaccine against SARS-COV2, and although in the corridors at Wiertnicza it was a Poliszynela secret for people working there, the station managers forbade the above-mentioned inform on the air, but it was also recommended not to discuss this topic on a social basis.

Censorship is the first, unprecedented in the present “free world of media”, embarrassing (I should also put it in quotation marks ;-)), the more so that TVN is a station that adheres to the principle of “the whole truth, around the clock” (quotation marks, in turn, that I am quoting the advertising motto of this leading TV station favoring total opposition).

It is worse what was done to employees (probably those who were deprived of work for the above-mentioned medium as part of collective redundancies, even in such shameful situations as pregnant women, mothers of large families or employees in pre-retirement age)) who wanting to disclose what relations prevailing on this station (talking about the cronyism, nepotism prevailing in this station), they edited a letter describing the current state of TVN and sent it to the Discovery Communications, Inc. in Usa.

What their surprise must have been when this letter was delivered to the TVN board, probably with a note that the management of the media company would finally put order in this station – sic. This letter of TVN employees was also distributed to other recipients besides Discovery Communications, Inc. – I will not present them here (we are talking about addressees, because it would take a lot of space in this note, but also time.
editorial offices of Wirtualna Polska, Onet, “Rzeczpospolita”, “Puls Biznesu”, Eurozet, RMF FM, Polsat, TVP, Polish Radio, media agencies, as well as foreign concerns, including the heads of Facebook, Disney and Amazon. From the right-wing editorial offices, the letter was sent to, inter alia, “Sieci”, “Tygodnik do Rzeczy”, Radio Maryja and “Nasz Dziennik”.

And here we should think for a moment, because this letter did not cause any repercussions in the media unfavorable to the government, and only such media as TVP, TVP Info and Polskie Radio 24 dealt with the outrageous topic of treating TVN employees mainly Rafał Trzaskowski together with Borys Budka launched a committee whose task is to pass the act on the liquidation of these media 😉
The fact that there is a peculiar omerta among law firms in Warsaw also adds piquancy, because employees want to take action against their former employer, but none of the law firms in Warsaw has yet found the courage to represent them in a dispute with TVN.

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Finally, I will add something from myself. I believe that the embittered employees mistakenly assessed the bosses from the East River by sending them this letter informing them about the irregularities (huge euphemism) that take place in the branch of their company on the Vistula River.
They should strike right away and report these nefarious practices to the Polish branch of Discovery Communications, Inc. White House. Why, and the matter is simple, it is none other than the current US president, Joe Biden, calling on Americans to unionize American companies and corporations, he even explicitly indicated these companies – one of the first on the list is Amazon, nota bene one of the main sponsors of Joe Biden’s election campaign 😉

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