Friday, March 5, 2021
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CEOs kneel at the altar of customer experience

Asked about their top priorities in the next 2-3 years, 6 out of 10 CEOs (those who pride themselves on being “outperformers”) cite the customer experience.

The sacrosanct customer experience will be a particular beacon for CEOs for years to come. However, CMOs will not play a crucial role in the priorities CEOs have set for themselves in the coming years. This is concluded by a recent study carried out by IBM in 50 different countries and 26 different fields of activity.

According to the IBM report, the “customer experience” is ranked as a priority by the vast majority of CEOs, particularly those who pride themselves on being “outperformers” and throw better results on the table than the competition.

Asked about their top priorities in the next 2-3 years, 6 out of 10 “outperformers” cite customer experience. Among the “underperformers” the “customer experience” is also a priority, although it is to a lesser extent. 4 out of 10 CEOs (38%) hang the priority tag on it.

The next highest priority for CEOs (those who pride themselves on being “outperformers”) is developing stronger and stronger relationships with the consumer (55%).

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Other priorities for CEOs “outperformers” in the coming months are the efficiency improvement (51%), the increase in sustainability (37%), the increase in innovation in business models (37%) and the inoculation of greater innovation in products and services (32%).

CEOS do not consider CMOs essential when addressing their particular list of priorities

It should be emphasized, however, that despite the relevance that CEOs generally attach to the customer experience, few consider the role of the CMO to be absolutely critical in carrying out their particular list of priorities for the coming years. Those who enjoy the most relevance in the eyes of CEOs are CFOs (57%), COOs (56%) and CIOs / CTOs (39%).

However, only 19% of CEOs estimate that CMOs will play a crucial role within their organization over the next few years. It is a figure that has been sliding sadly down a steep downhill for years. In 2013, 66% of CEOs described the role of the CMO as fundamental.

This data opens in any case a new chapter in the effervescent debate on the property of the “customer experience” in the bowels of organizations. A study published by The CMO Club last year found that CMOs were in charge of customer experience, but a previous Deloitte report gave CSOs primary responsibility for customer experience.

On the other hand, From the IBM report it is inferred that CEOs are mostly customer-focused. 50% of CEOs confess that they are focused above all and above all on the customer, 30% are focused on the product and the remaining 20% ​​on operations.

There is also the circumstance that Customer-focused CEOs are more likely than other CEOs to emphasize virtual customer engagement and also to include the client in the development and validation of security and privacy policies.

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