Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home World Chancellor of SAM: AstraZeneca vaccine is recovering

Chancellor of SAM: AstraZeneca vaccine is recovering

The Chancellor, who presented the vaccination situation at the meeting of the Seimas Health Affairs Committee, noted that both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are used to the maximum during the week, the institutions keep a small balance for Monday’s vaccination, while the AstraZeneca crisis was stalled.

Pfizer is very well used, it is the most popular vaccine and we have excellent results in all municipalities. As of the end of last week, we had Pfizer 4,000. for the remainder, the facilities simply stay for Monday’s vaccination until Pfizer is split into facilities to have someone to vaccinate with. “Moderna” also asked for the vaccine, its consumption is also good and it is not stagnant, we ended the week with 1.7 thousand. vaccine residue that was vaccinated this Monday, ”the chancellor said.

According to her, the least in demand is the AstraZeneca vaccine and there is a constant balance of it, but the situation with this vaccine is also improving, allowing the following priority groups to be vaccinated if there are no more from the higher groups.

“You are the least asked for the AstraZeneca vaccine, and we have a constant balance of this vaccine, we ended the week with 19,000. doses of this vaccine. As for the easier procedure, which makes it easier to scroll down through the priority groups, it shook the use of AstraZeneca, we recovered to the previous weeks and again reached the vaccinated AstraZeneca over 5,000. persons. We see movement even in those municipalities where the use of this vaccine was stuck, ”said J. Grebenkovienė.

The chancellor of SAM also said last week was the most numerous in terms of the amount of vaccines used and the maximum number of people vaccinated in a single day, almost 18,000, was reached.

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According to the data published by the Department of Statistics on Wednesday, 11.5 thousand people were vaccinated last day. people.

In total, 336 thousand people in Lithuania received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. 458 persons, both – 158 thousand. 925.

642 thousand have been received in Lithuania. 365 doses of vaccine, 565 thousand. 765 were delivered to vaccination centers, of which 495 thousand were used. 383.

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