Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home Technology Change the priority of WiFi networks on Android? Know these options

Change the priority of WiFi networks on Android? Know these options

Android is an operating system that adapts to the needs and preferences of users. Less closed than other options on the market, it gives them great freedom, being able to control almost all options and features.

Interestingly, one of the gaps that Android has, lies in WiFi and the impossibility of defining the priority of these networks. Of course, its opening gives space to the existence of options in the Play Store that compensate for this failure, giving the user what they need.

The possibility to define the priority of WiFi networks, as we showed yesterday, allows users to define which networks they connect to. Thus, and even with all the networks present, Android connects only where it should and is defined.

WiFi Prioritizer

The first option to achieve this control is called WiFi Prioritizer. This has a simple and minimalist interface, just as you want. Displays the list of configured networks and allows them to be moved, to the desired order and priority.

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In the field of options, WiFi Prioritizer again summarizes everything to the essentials. Users can define the signal level to switch networks and the frequency with which the assessment is made. They can also define if it is launched at Android startup and if they want notifications.

Wi-Fi Switcher

The Wi-Fi Switcher, the second app option presented, has a broader philosophy and with other options for the user. In addition to the priority of the networks, it also allows you to control how and when the change in WiFi is made on Android.

To use it, you must define which networks are preferred and which are the conditions for the change to be made. Thus, they guarantee the change to better networks with better signal, defining the priority of these networks.

With these two solutions you can control WiFi on Android in a unique way. What should be based on this system comes like this through the hands of two apps that help users. Enjoy and you will certainly have a better Internet connection.

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