Monday, March 8, 2021
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Check out 6 games coming to PlayStation VR

First entry: Friday, March 5, 2021, 22:00

Sony has unveiled through PlayStation VR Spotlight new titles that are expected to be released for the virtual reality headset later this year.

“After the Fall” comes to PS VR with full cross-platform multiplayer support

From the creators of “Arizona Sunshine”, “After the Fall” brings fast-paced first-person co-op action to PS VR. Vertigo Games announced that “After the Fall” will fully support cross-platform multiplayer. To celebrate, they released a brand new cinematic trailer, which introduces us to the four heroes of the game. With full support for VR motion controls, via two PS Move controls or via the VR Aim controller, “After the Fall” will make you feel like your favorite hero from a 1980 action movie, as long as you get involved in its fast-paced battles with real movements.

The JRPG-influenced MMO “Zenith” is coming to PS VR

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“Zenith” is a VR MMO that combines a colorful open world with explosive action adventure gameplay, full of adrenaline. Zenith’s team loves anime, MMO and VR and this game combines all three for a complete experience. Stay tuned and more information will follow shortly.

“I Expect You To Die 2” is coming to PS VR

It has been more than four years since the award-winning “I Expect You To Die” was released on PlayStation VR in December 2016 and the long-awaited sequel is also available on PS VR. Following in the footsteps of “I Expect You To Die”, IEYTD2 puts players back in the fascinating world of espionage and the dangers of covert missions. More details will be announced closer to the traffic.

PS VR Action Adventure “Fracked” is released this summer

A true, action adventure experience made for VR, “Fracked” is released exclusively on PS VR this summer. “Fracked” combines fast pace, 1: 1 gun movement and cover system, exciting free running, skiing and climbing, something that has never been done in VR before. “Fracked” is a VR game played exclusively with PS Move controls. Climbing, ziplining, weapon loading and interactions with the world pass into the hands of players 1: 1, something that would not be possible using a conventional controller. The game will also receive improvements when running on PS5, such as improvements in refresh rate, load times and resolution.

“Song in the Smoke” – a brand new VR survival title

A new VR survival title from 17-BIT, “Song in the Smoke” will be released on PSVR in 2021. In “Song in the Smoke” survival is left to the player. Players can “eat” by approaching food in their mouths and shoot arrows using the PS Move controls. “Song in the Smoke” will test the survival skills of the players and the final result will be based on the decisions they made.

“DOOM 3: VR Edition” for PS VR

“DOOM 3: VR Edition” is released on March 29 for PS4 and via backwards compatibility on PS5. “DOOM 3: VR Edition” includes DOOM 3 and its expansions, “Resurrection of Evil” and “The Lost Mission”, which have been redesigned for PS VR technology. Combined with the authentic action and horror of DOOM 3, virtual reality fans are ready for an explosive experience with “DOOM 3: VR Edition”



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