Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Chefs at knives – audience leader Monday night Antonia and Alex Velea, the surprise of the evening at the invisible auditions, tonight, on Antena 1

Monday evening, Chefs at cuţite was again the audience leader and ranked in the top of viewers’ preferences. According to Kantar Media, the cooking show on Antena1 obtained an average audience of 8.6 rating points and a market share of 25.5% at the level of the commercial public aged between 18 and 49. In second place was Pro TV with an average of 7.7 rating points and 22.9% market share. In the golden minute, 21:11, almost 1.8 million viewers at the level of the entire Romanian audience watched the characters and plates from the unheard auditions Chefs at cuţite.

The latest episode Chefs with knives brought special stories to the set. Among them is that of Cristina Iosza. At the age of 86, the contestant told the three chefs how she managed to become known on the TikTok platform, with the help of her neighbor, Rawi Srouji, 23, who moved to Cluj from Nazareth to give her master’s degree in psychology. Although there was a language barrier in the beginning, they overcame it with the close friendship that was formed. Mrs. Cristina managed to amaze the chefs with her story, but also with her dish, polenta with bellows cheese.

One of the most tense moments of the evening was the moment when chefs Bontea, Dumitrescu and Scarlatescu found out the outcome of the amulet test, a decision that belonged to the special guest, Henrik Sebok. For this test, the chefs had to cook dishes that highlighted the rice. The extraordinary advantage of the amulet gives the winner the power to “silence one of the teams throughout the test”, and that team “will be able to communicate only by signs or any other form that does not involve sound”. The amulet evoked many memories of the chefs, especially of chef Dumitrescu, who in a previous season encountered many difficulties because of it. Chef Scarlatescu’s Iranian rice with lamb was the winner in the eyes of the invited jury.

Tuesday night will be an edition with many surprises. Antonia and Alex Velea will appear on the set Chefs at cuţite with many emotions. Their dish, an exotic one, with influences from Indian cuisine, was specially designed to impress “the three musketeers of the kitchen”. “We miss the scene,” said the artists, who also revealed that the pandemic helped them discover new talents in the kitchen. Whether or not they will be able to impress the three chefs, viewers will find out today, at 20.30 on Antena 1.

Source: Kantar Media

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Data processed by the Research Antena Group department

The analysis is made on targets 18-49 Urban, All urban and National

Period March 29, 2021



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