Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Children’s Ombudsman on Distance Learning in St. Petersburg: Schools Failed

Ombudsman for the rights of the child in St. Petersburg Anna Mityanina said that during the pandemic, city schools did an unsatisfactory job with the organization of distance education. The successful transfer of children to distance learning is rather an exception to the practice, she emphasized during the annual report on her activities for 2020 in the city Legislature.

According to her, at the beginning of the pandemic, 15,000 schoolchildren were not provided with the necessary equipment for online learning. Large families and low-income families experienced great difficulties with personal gadgets. Schools, for the most part, demonstrated poor technical equipment, and many teachers experienced problems with teaching online lessons.

“Some teachers offered children independent work – to read a paragraph and do their homework, and as a result, schoolchildren had to turn to other resources to master the topic,” Mityanina emphasized, adding that parents were literally forced to study with their children, despite the fact that were busy at work.

“It is necessary to prescribe the legal status of distance education in the legislation so that all schools operate according to uniform algorithms and are ready. It is worth thinking about a single database of online courses for schoolchildren, so that they can catch up if they missed a lesson, ”Mityanina suggested.

Read more about school distance learning in St. Petersburg in the material of “Rosbalt”.

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