Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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CHP women rebelled

CHP’s female deputies held a press conference at the Turkish Grand National Assembly regarding the Istanbul Convention. Speaking on behalf of CHP’s female deputies, Bartın Deputy Aysu Bankoğlu stated that according to Article 90 of the Constitution, the president cannot terminate international conventions on human rights, “This is why we do not recognize this attempt to dissolve, we say ‘it has the verdict of no’.”

Bankoğlu emphasized the importance of the Istanbul Convention and said, “Personally, is the state avoiding this responsibility? What does the contract say? Inequalities are against women, it has emerged with discrimination, the most intolerable of this is violence, ‘he says. There is nothing in the contract that will disturb the family structure. What? The state has an obligation to protect women from all kinds of violence, ”he said.

Bankoğlu said:

“The President and the government have clearly demonstrated that they do not accept gender equality. It means that they have approved the violence under the mask of ‘It does not conform to our family values’. The male lover has normalized and accepted his primitiveness. From now on, the entire government, especially the President, is responsible for all murders of women. .

The Minister of Family and the AKP deputies are all responsible, who watched this disaster with a core. Saying that ‘we will protect women not in papers but in consciences’ is to leave women to the conscience of men who violently rape them. We reject a single person’s attempt to condemn us to despair. We women will not obey my own state. Even if they use all the women of the state, we will never stop fighting for our rights. “

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