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Christmas – Patience really produced roses

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The Association for the Fraternal Settlements of Christmas, ie the NaTe, maintains fraternal and friendly relations with three Hungarian – inhabited settlements across the border and its civilians, writes the Fejér County news portal, FEOL.

– The Association for Christmas Sisterhoods was formed from a group of friends. We are not an old association, but we have been working together for a long time. The connection with Hungarians across the border is at the heart of our hearts – explained Béla Szekeres, the head of NaTe, why they started living a common future with the Homoród Christmas Village in Transylvania, the Hospital in Croatia and Beregardo in Transcarpathia a few years ago.

In 2018, the small “Christmas” village of Harghita and Fejér counties concluded a twinning agreement with the powerful help of NaTe.

Civilians had been in contact for years, making reciprocal visits to each other. Moreover, as it turned out later, a certain engineer from Homoród Christmas Village, Csaba Orbán, approached Christmas in 2003, to form an alliance between the two settlements.

As the saying goes, patience produces roses.

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Mrs. Bélán Szekeres and her Christmas companions are at the heart of their contacts with Hungarians across the border.
Photo: Norbert Nagy / Fejér County Newspaper

– Then came the Croatian Hospital. They are not far away, they are 205 kilometers away from us – said Erzsébet Béláné Szekeres, who dressed in elf clothes one year… Then groups of children from Kórógy also came to the Santa Claus House in Christmas.

Elizabeth became the “tour guide” elf of the pathologists. Later, Zoltán Cserepes, the leader of the association there, invited the people of Christmas to Kórógy. This is where the relationship comes from.

It is not an official document concluded between the two settlements, but between NaTe and the Kórógy Hungarian Tradition Preservation Association, but at the same time they became sister associations, as agreed between Nagykarácsony and Homoródkarácsonyfalva and NaTe and the Transylvanian Dungó Cultural Association.

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