Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home Technology Cisco, the "new normal" of professional collaboration

Cisco, the “new normal” of professional collaboration

In the professional sector, be it SME or enterprise, there is a big challenge to face. In a world still grappling with the pandemic, enabling remote work is not so much the fundamental need but that of being able to manage all the equipment that a single company sees “scattered” throughout the territory, understood as the homes of remote workers.

The most recent announcements of Cisco on the subject also focus on this, that is, on the aspect of how to manage the fleet of devices, securing them without decreasing the quality of access that is notoriously available in the office. «One of the most requested devices today in the logic of the remote worker hi-end is Desk Pro» explains Enrico Miolo, Collaboration Leader of Cisco Italy.

“In fact, now that we are at home, we need not only to connect with colleagues but also to enjoy intelligent features that make not being together with others less limiting. Desk Pro enjoys, for example, the ability to shift the frame of the camera depending on how the interlocutor moves ».

B2B flexibility

If the idea is to give people quality tools, the endpoint designed by Cisco must be integrated into an ecosystem that an IT can manage without major problems. “The departments can enjoy a single dashboard from which to monitor the status of the devices, send firmware updates and solve problems”.

Another element on which Cisco has focused is the quality of the audio. Desk Pro benefits from noise cancellation which eliminates those disturbances that currently make work videocalls less efficient, whether they are pets or loud ambient sounds.

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The Webex Desk Camera is the other hardware novelty of the group, with 4K image, infrared sensor (also to improve the image in low light), face recognition and shutter that can be covered for privacy reasons. Integrated for Webex, of course, and third-party platforms, is, for Cisco, the best way to participate in meetings without upsetting your home setup, with the addition of a flexible accessory.

The software part

But not just hardware, recently Cisco has announced a number of major enhancements affecting the Webex world. These include a new platform layout, with wider support for artificial intelligence.

As he points out Enrico Miolo: «To create a widespread office, we have introduced gestures and gesture recognition, so as to make remote interaction more “human”. The so-called immersive sharing will be available on Webex, which aims to expand dynamism within certain scenarios, such as webinars and meetings with dedicated templates ». A use case could be the world of education, where a teacher can realize what is happening between the windows of the DAD thanks to the recognition of gestures.

“In the field of events, Cisco will manage over 3,000 users so as to make the organization of online appointments even more interesting, possibly also connecting to third-party streaming platforms »continues Miolo.

cisco webex

Life in the office

The moment you return to the office, Cisco will improve the management of professional life with its digital signage. “This is to ensure that the various Cisco devices in the rooms, the room navigators, can send useful information both in terms of organization and social distancing”.

For example, the touch screens can inform about the number of people in the room, present and maximum, about the need to improve the air or to sanitize the room, before a subsequent meeting. “The potential we have at home today has taken on greater significance in recent months »concludes Miolo.

In all of this, there is one aspect that businesses have yet to respond to: the budget. Cisco’s solutions, as we know, are positioned on average higher than the competition. “Our strength and uniqueness is to have a single environment, hardware, software and cloud, which in a single container can offer what customers need most, with significant savings on the total”.



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