Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home World Clean the Car Ceiling, Try Using A Clothes Cleaning Liquid

Clean the Car Ceiling, Try Using A Clothes Cleaning Liquid – The car ceiling is an area that is often forgotten to be cleaned. In fact, if you often open the glass while the car is driving, dust has the potential to stick nicely in this area.

The solution is of course visiting a car salon and the area exposed to dust will be cleaned with steam steam and cleaning fluid.

However, if you don’t want to bring your favorite car to a detailing boutique or car salon, this activity can be done at home. Think of it as light exercise the weekend.

Quoted from the page DeltalubeHere are tips for practically cleaning the ceiling of a four-wheeled vehicle. In addition to a soft cloth, the cleaning agent can be picked up from car seat cleaner or clothes cleaner.

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Illustration of cleaning fluid (Shutterstock).
Illustration of cleaning fluid (Shutterstock).
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With a note, when using clothes cleaning fluid, avoid the type intended for white clothes. As the name implies, there is a bleach that has the potential to cause the ceiling to become streaked or discolored.

Following tips on cleaning the car ceiling at home:

Take advantage of upholstery cleaner

  • If ceiling cleaners are not available, you can use a fabric cleaner for car seats. Its function is to remove stains.

Use a clothes cleaner

  • Other household cleaners can also be used, namely stain remover for colored clothes.
  • This cleaner is powerful enough to remove stains or dirt from the car ceiling.
  • Again, it must be remembered, avoid white clothes cleaner, because it will damage the original color of the ceiling.

Use a microfiber cloth

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  • If cleaning fluid is available, you need to know how to clean it. Never use a brush to wipe the ceiling, especially for velvet ceilings, as the brush can damage and lift the bristles.
  • Choose a microfiber cloth because it has a soft material.

How to clean

  • Look at the dirtiest part, use a microfiber cloth and cleaning fluid then wipe gently.
  • Do it one way, until the stain or dirt can disappear.

Dry it

  • This is the last step after the car ceiling has been cleaned.
  • It is mandatory to dry, because the condition of the ceiling after cleaning becomes wet.
  • If it is not dried, it can cause an unpleasant odor.
  • To do the drying is quite easy. Just open all the glass doors and let the air circulate for a few hours.



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