Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home World Clowns now have to stay in the car

Clowns now have to stay in the car

Kuala Lumpur: It is sad, but that is the fate of cosplay and clown player, Yulius Atma Negara Thamrin and his wife who have been homeless and sheltered in a car for the past year.

It follows Yulius, 30, who was warmly greeted by Yan who has not accepted an offer to perform since the implementation of the Movement Control Order (PKP) in March last year.

Adding to the suffering when Yan suffered from a health problem, a lung complication that caused him to have to rest last October to undergo surgery recommended by a doctor at the Sultan Ismail Hospital (HSI), Johor Bahru.

Yan said that since losing his source of income, he had no choice but to stay in the car and was given a ride at a friend’s house for a month.

According to him, recently, he and his wife lived in an unoccupied flat near Ulu Tiram, but could only take shelter there for a week before being asked to vacate the residence to comply with the notice issued by the developer.

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YAN is currently working as a barbecue tray deliverer. PHOTO Yulius Atma Negara Thamrin.

“I made a living as a cosplayer for the past five years starting by working with one company before quitting to move on my own.

“After moving solo, I tried to find food as a clown even though I had no direct experience until I was laughed at because my make-up faded during the first day selling balloons in one area.

“However, I did not give up and as a result of the guidance of a clown sifu known as Mat Jeng Jeng, I was active until I received many offers and once earned RM30,000 in a month,” he said when contacted by Harian Metro.

Although his income depends on the offer, Yan is happy because he can entertain people and do the work he is interested in.

However, everything changed when Yan was tested with household and health problems that disrupted his focus on work.

He said that the situation caused his friend to stay away and some of them accused him of being crazy.

“I once lost twice in the household and was blessed with three children from a previous marriage, but the eldest child died.

“However, my marriage was made easier when I was able to marry a woman for the third time, only personal problems caused us not to live together for now.

“Now, I live with another wife, but we can not afford to support the children and send them to the village to be taken care of by the family at this time,” he said.

According to him, he and his wife had to do so because they did not have a permanent job at the moment and and only took wages to send barbecue barrels.

He said, as a father, he was not willing to see his son hungry and live in a car like him.

“I have found a room to rent, just worried about how to get money for survival.

“It’s a bit difficult to stay in the car for a long time because I now take wages to make deliveries.

“So, I decided to move to a rental room, today only my job requires money as capital to refuel the car because I have to send goods to customers,” he said.

According to him, there is a cosplay friend, Mohd Shaifuddin Rahmat, 38, and other friends came forward to help after finding out his story on social media.

People who wish to help can contact Yan at 011 13311501.

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