Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home World Coffee Memories Apologizes After Dinda Shafay Admits Harassment by Employees

Coffee Memories Apologizes After Dinda Shafay Admits Harassment by Employees – The management of Kopi Kenangan finally opened their voices about the harassment case experienced by celebrity Dinda Shafay.

For this incident, they admitted that they would follow up on the case that happened to Dinda Shafay.

This was seen when the official Kopi Kenangan account commented on Dinda Shafay’s post on Instagram regarding the harassment by the coffee shop employee.

“Our Kopi Kenangan management team has sent a message to Mrs. Dinda. If you wish, Mrs. Dinda can provide information to follow up on this,” he said.

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Upload by Dinda Shafay [Instagram/@dindasafay]
Upload by Dinda Shafay [Instagram/@dindasafay]
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Not only that, they also apologized for the incident that did not wear.

“Once again, the Management of Kopi Kenangan apologizes for the inconvenience of Mrs. Dinda Shafay,” he continued.

As is known, Dinda Shafay admitted to experiencing harassment while at the Kenangan Coffee shop located in Medan Ringroad on Monday (1/3/2021).

Initially, he went into the customer-only toilet. But suddenly after urinating, the toilet door was smashed by one of the employees there.

Instead of apologizing, Dinda Shafay admitted that the employee laughed at him. Not only that, he was also hurt because the employee blamed himself back for not locking the door.

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Even though Dinda Shafay explained that the door was locked tight. He also wondered why employees use a customer-only toilet while the employee toilet is on the 2nd floor.

In his post, Dinda Shafay said that if the employees didn’t stop crying, they were treated like that by the employees there.



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