Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home World Colapesce Dimartino top, Renga and Aiello to be reviewed

Colapesce Dimartino top, Renga and Aiello to be reviewed

The Sanremo 2021 Festival officially starts, now in its 71st edition. Sempore Amadeus in command, both as artistic director and as conductor, assisted by Fiorello who will be the protagonist again this year. In this first evening the first four singers of the New proposals and the first thirteen Big artists will compete, with Noemi taking the place of Irama, forced to stop due to a positive Covid response from one of her collaborators. These are the report cards of the first evening of the Festival.

Arisa – 6

Arisa is one of the best known voices of the Sanremo Festival, which she won and presented. He arrives on stage with a song against toxic love written by Gigi D’Alessio and puts all his voice, interpretation and red, a color that also represents the fight against violence against women. He brings a ballatona that he wears very well, very powerful as always, but the song remains a bit still where we expect to find it. Not below sufficiency, of course.

Colapesce Dimartino 8

The eternal “young” of the Italian singer-songwriter. But Colapesce and Dimartino are precisely the excellence of our music, other than “young” too often used to demean. They put into very light music (more or less) a text that talks about depression and they do it with an incredible class and also a beautiful four-handed bass drum.

Aiello 5.5

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Introduced by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Aiello arrives with his ibuprofen sex and “Ora”, even if in the live the performance suffers a lot. The characteristic voice of the Calabrian singer-songwriter, with a song that will walk with his legs in spite of everything. The emotion, however, affects a bit ‘all “her, him”, Aiello and a bit’ all.

Fedez and Francesca Michielin 6.5

The presentation that focuses on social media also does not. It is demeaning for both of us, regardless of taste, with only Michielin studying and making very good albums. The performance is struggling to take off, with Fedez who is very excited and very tense on the most sung part and resumes a bit the scene on the most rapped part, Michielin, on the other hand, has to keep a good piece of the song alone and manages to keep. Beautiful image of Fedez who in the end does not hold back the tears.

Max Gazzè 6.5

Maxc Gazzè brings a history of medicine with the Trifluoperazina Monstery Band, a band made up of cartonatri à la Propaganda. On this evening he doesn’t even need to do too much to impress even beyond the scenographic construction. Gazzè does Gazzè and takes us somewhere else, in a sort of shop in which those who think they can give the solution with an easy solution are criticized. The theremin – played with keyboards, in this case – gives the sense of magic.

Noemi 7.5

Noemi arrives in Sanremo with Glicine, she does so having to replace Irama at the last moment. And he does it with great class and a piece that, honestly, earns a lot with the orchestra and after listening to the press. Brava Noemi, a notch above

Madame 7

Madame seems the most experienced of the Big, arrives barefoot, sparkling and gives a different and beautiful effect at the Sanremo Festival. She seems calm with her “Voice” which performs better than many others. Some technical problems continue, perhaps for which sometimes the voice comes not clear, but the fault is not his. Indeed it arrives without a real live, apart from some performances on TV. Even better.

Maneskin 7.5

Chitarrone, distorted bass, the Maneskin bring a bit of rock to the Ariston stage. A song against those who would like to rule them: “We are out of our minds, but different from them”. Damiano confirms himself as a good performer, they put his voice in the foreground, they seem very skilled and also convince those who have never loved them very much. They bring their twenties and they do it as it should be, with boldness.

Ghemon 6.5

Ghemon does not feel second to none and on stage brings a piece that, as always, does not care a little about the idea of ​​Sanremo. He brings his soul passion, he feels his rap past, the desire to amaze. The piece displaces those who are not used to it or are used to more melodic things, but it still holds.

Coma_Cose 7.5

They do not look at the hunchback, they look into the eyes of red dressed and the song of Coma_Cose acquires much more depth than the first listen a few weeks ago. They have known them for a while, their love for linguistic interlocking, for Battisti, but this time they arrive less experimental and perhaps this is precisely its strength, in fact. A pull of the ears on our first listen, a 7.5 to them.

Annalisa 6.5

In the environment there is this thing that has been said for years, namely that Annalisa is one of the most beautiful, precise and characteristic Italian voices. We’re not just talking about fans, of course. And Annalisa, in fact, is perfect in this capacity, the song runs off very well, it is a pop song that we already hear on the radio, Annalisa, in short, is always Annalisa.

Francesco Renga 5.5

Well, Renga arrives on the festival stage when it is almost dawn. Try to keep up the atmosphere with an uptempo piece that has the hand of Dardust in the production, yet… The impression is that they are dressed in which, at least this evening, they do not seem to dress with maximum comfort. We try again.

Figure 6

Nothing, more was expected from Fasma, but paradoxically he fished the song from the drawer that could be better in Sanremo and for this he loses his strength. The choices of the songs have a thousand reasons, we continue to ask ourselves the reason for this choice. Eye, we will hear it on the radio, and he really puts his soul into it (in this case we don’t care about the rhetoric) and precisely because we know him a little we reserve the right to listen to it again.



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