Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home Breaking News Colombian government wants to hit rebel boss after attack

Colombian government wants to hit rebel boss after attack

13 FARC breakaways have been “neutralized” by Colombia’s armed forces, the country’s defense minister said.

Ten defectors from the former rebel group Farc have been killed and three others wounded in a bomb attack in Colombia.

It informs officials Tuesday local time.

The attack took place at the former FARC base in Guaviare province in southeastern Colombia.

It is an area where defectors from the FARC are still active and where drug production takes place.

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Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molano mentions the attack on Twitter but does not mention when it took place.

He writes that 13 Farc breakaways have been “neutralized” by the country’s armed forces.

– These drug criminals are responsible for the recruitment of minors, attacks on our public forces, abduction and illegal mining, writes Molano.

He adds that the government “will not rest” until it finds Duarte, one of the most wanted rebel commanders in Colombia.

Last Friday, the country announced that it has set up a force of 7,000 men to fight rebels who get their money through drug trafficking and other illegal activities.

The government said the force would pursue members of the ELN – the last active guerrilla group in Colombia – as well as drug gangs and former FARC rebels who have broken a 2016 peace deal.

In December, the United Nations announced that the Colombian government had killed 244 former FARC fighters since the signing of the peace agreement.

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