Friday, April 16, 2021
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Combine 20 organizations to sue competition boards to release. “C.P. – Tesco”

20 organizations join the Foundation for Consumers Filing a lawsuit against the Administrative Court for wrongdoing for the competition board. C.P. – Tesco points out 3 questionable issues, threatening 5 provinces, 100% marketed

Kochanuch Saengtuang, Director of the Consumer Foundation, revealed that there are now 20 organizations that will join the Consumer Foundation to submit a letter to the Administrative Court. To file a lawsuit against the competition subcommittee The Competition Commission (ABC) and the Office of the Trade Competition Commission on March 15, 2021, in the event of a resolution of 4 to 3 votes, CP Retail Development Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd. merged business with Tesco Store (Thailand) Co., Ltd., despite the fact that it has power over the market. But it does not create a monopoly and has no significant impact on the economy. Which is against the intention of Commercial Competition Act 2017

“Prosecution for consumer protection And benefit to the public Because the resolution gives rise to market power Both allowing big companies to set their own prices Allowing opportunities for stockpiles Difficult to compete And believe that it will definitely cause effects in the future In particular, according to the committee’s ruling, there are five provinces in which the operator is a 100% market monopoly after merging. “

That Lieutenant Somchai Ameen, President of the Rights and Environment Lawyers Association, said that the legal team set up three litigation issues, consisting of a board resolution, which is contrary to the competition law, which does not allow monopoly and competition that Fair

As for the terms of the merger, there is no matter of restructuring, however. But look at only the matter of commercial behavior Which can be done or not It is like benefiting large companies. And the resolution came out of the lack of participation of those involved. Affected person Although the resolution was not a general announcement of the law. But saw that the resolution had an effect It should also be open to listen to opinions with those involved as well.

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Biwithi Foundation Director Vitoon Lianchamrun said that in Germany, retail firms with 24.9 percent of the market would buy smaller businesses with only 1.1 percent, but the German Competition Commission rejected a merger. For fear of having power over the market If it is possible to merge, it will have to sell some of its business.

Under German competition law, no more than 30% of the market share is required, or even the US competition board requires restructuring of its business. Antitrust But Thailand allows big companies to dominate the market from the beginning to the end, with a market share of more than 50% without conditions for restructuring. There is only a condition of commercial behavior. The opening of the channel can be followed or not. Board resolutions are the same as an economic coup. The foundation supports this filing. To change consumer protection norms

Mr. Sakon Woranyuwattana, Chairman of the Trade Competition Commission (KKU), said that he had to wait for the date of filing the lawsuit on that date. In order to clarify all information that has been resolved

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