Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World Come to Zakiah Aini's house, the police ask for the family's statement

Come to Zakiah Aini’s house, the police ask for the family’s statement

Suara.com – Police officers immediately went to the residence of Zakiah Aini, the attacker at the Police Headquarters in Kelapa Dua Wetan Area, Ciracas, East Jakarta, Wednesday (31/3/2021) night.

The Kelapa Dua Village Head, Wetan, said that the police went to Zakiah’s house to ask for information from the family.

“The police (came to ask for information) with his brother. His brother has been asked for information,” said Kelapa Dua Wetan Urban Village Head, Sandy Adamsyah at the location, Ciracas, East Jakarta on Wednesday (31/3).

Sandy explained, currently Zakiah’s family or parents are at the National Police Hospital. So, currently the police are asking for information and conducting searches accompanied by their families.

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“Inside from the family, the parents are already at the National Police Hospital. In the procedure, a DNA test might be carried out,” he said.

Furthermore, Sandy explained that the house the police officers visited this evening was the house of Zakiah’s parents. Zakiah herself lives in the house with two other siblings.

“This is the house of his parents. He consists of 6 siblings. This house still lives in 3 brothers. Si Zakiah is the youngest child. So, this is the house of Mr. Muhammad Ali’s parents,” he said.

Based on the observation of Suara.com, fully armed police officers have visited a house since Wednesday night Bakda Isya. In front of the house, the police line was stretched around it.

A number of officers, both the police and sub-district to urban village officials, are still carrying out activities in the house.

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The arrival of the police officers triggered residents around the crowded location to witness the process. There has been no information regarding the purpose of the police officers coming to the house.



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