Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home World Commentary on the Outbreak of Democrats, Annisa Pohan: 'Rape' of State Democracy

Commentary on the Outbreak of Democrats, Annisa Pohan: ‘Rape’ of State Democracy – Artist and wife of the Democrat Ketum Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono or AHY, Annisa Pohan, also commented on the Extraordinary Congress or KLB which took place at The Hill Hotel, Sibolangit District, Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatra, Friday (5/3/2021)

This can be seen in the upload on Twitter. There, he shared the news about the Democrat Party splitting into two camps.

The owner of the real name Annisa Larasati Pohan accused a number of people who attended the Democrat Party Outbreak of being former cadres. He also said they had been stripped of their membership.

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He bluntly called the outbreak with the hashtag #kongresbodong.

“How come they were split in two? All of the Wong who came to the congress were not legal members. All cadres were solid in one command,” said Annisa Pohan.

Uploaded by Annisa Pohan [Twitter/@AnnisaPohan]
Uploaded by Annisa Pohan [Twitter/@AnnisaPohan]

“It can be checked that anyone present at #kongresbodong all pretends to be DPC or DPD. Violating the law pretends to have a department and a voice even though it is fake,” he continued.

According to this 39-year-old woman, the outbreak that took place in Deli Medium was a serious problem. Not only presenting a fake voice, he analogized it as a “rape”.

“This is not just a problem of a party being robbed but a bigger problem.” Rape “The democracy of a country,” he continued.

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Not stopping there, in the next tweet, Annisa Pohong posted a report about the fake cadres who were threatened with imprisonment.



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