Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home Breaking News Community service for juvenile robbers rapper Snapking | Inland

Community service for juvenile robbers rapper Snapking | Inland

Two other juvenile suspects were acquitted for lack of evidence. The young man who is seen as the main suspect, 23-year-old Irvin van der V., is on trial at the end of March for his part in the street robbery and a number of other criminal cases.

Tim van Teunenbroek, aka Snapking, was lured to Zaandam with two friends in July 2018 for an appointment with a few young girls. There they were robbed with great violence.

The three friends thought they had an appointment with two girls who were 16 and 18 years old at the time. The girls maintained contact with main suspect Irvin van der V. when they drove through Zaandam with Snapking and his mates.


The court found it proven that the oldest ‘bait girl’ exchanged information with Van der V. via WhatsApp about where the men had to drive. The chat conversations were also about whether the victims had any valuables on or with them. Arriving at the agreed location, the three were met and robbed with violence and under threat of a knife and gun.

The court acquitted the youngest girl because her role could not be proven. The oldest girl was sentenced under juvenile criminal law to 60 hours of community service. A then 17-year-old suspect was given a community service of 100 hours and a suspended prison sentence of two months for his part in the robbery.

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The now 21-year-old Emincan A. was acquitted after 16 months in prison had been demanded against him. He is said to have been recognized by the victims on video images, but the court did not find that proven.



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