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Comparing Thamanat-Chaiwut 2, Candidate Minister DES

At the Palang Pracharat Party Executive Committee (NCCC) meeting on March 2, 2021, in addition to the 6 MPs’ rebellion examination agenda, Dao Ruek also had an agenda to clear the ministerial chair in the vacant Palang Pracharat Party. Down 2 chairs

After the criminal court The vacant position was the chair of the Minister of Digital Economy and Society called “DES” at the ministerial name “Phutthiphong Punnakan” and Chair of the Minister of Education of “Natthaphon Teepasuwan”

“Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan” Deputy Prime Minister As the leader of the Palang Pracharat Party Promise to the “Party’s son” was delighted that this cabinet reshuffle (Cabinet), in the quota of the Pracharat power, there will be no outsiders to choose only those who are MPs come to sit in the minister’s chair only.

If the messed up chair is the DES minister with two riding candidates, the first is in a gang of three assistants (deputy minister), a group trying to shake up the power within the Pracharat Party. To upgrade the position of the Minister is “Rathmanat Phromphao” Deputy Agriculture Minister, who performed the red bow performance, received points. The least “distrust” of the 10 ministers who were asked by the opposition to launder the distrust.

If you mention the name “Captain Nut” or Lt. Thammanat Kho Politics, you may be skeptical of your ability to take over the position of the Ministry of DES.

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But if you go back to the form of Cabinet Prayut 2/1, the name “Akara Promphao-brother” was in the dart “DES Minister” before turning into “Capt. Thammanat” became Minister of Agriculture in the last minute.

The chair of Minister DES was in the mind of the surname “Phrom Phao” before.

When opening the political profile of “Capt. Thammanat” as the reins of the Northern Election Field of the Palang Pracharat Party They are not common.

Especially the election to repair District 4, Lampang Province instead of Ittirat Chan Surin From Pheu Thai Party That died, it appears that “Wattana Sitthiwang”, the team of “Lieutenant Thammanat” fell over the former champion candidate from Pheu Thai Party.

In addition, Lt. Thammanat is also taking on the role of the ten-directional coordinator, especially with the “small party”, not to skimp on the opposition.

“I am a babysitter. Therefore having to give bananas to monkeys to eat all the time At the moment, I believe that eating until full, it should be enough, ”said Lt. Thammanat, after being sent to clear the small party. Threatening to withdraw from the coalition government on 7 September 2019

And despite being mined by the opposition in a distrust debate Dig up rumored past profiles alleged to be in drug addiction. Has been incarcerated in Australia. But he managed to survive.

And during this period, Lt. Thammanat raised a pot like a lot Walk side by side “Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan” Deputy Prime Minister Party leader And also assigned by Gen. Prawit – “Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha” Prime Minister and Minister of Defense to sit at the head of the control table for important tasks, such as being appointed as the chairman of the city inspection model of the future advanced industries, the president Working group follow up And drive policy Guidelines and measures for land and soil resources management

Private profiles are not common as well. Is a military preparation student, class 25 and graduated from the cadet of King Chulachomklao, class 36, Gen. Romklao Thuwatham, however, had to terminate the military servant route in 1999 after “Ror Phachara” (old name) was linked to a murder case, but in 2003 the court dismissed the case.

While the business network of “Royal College of Thammanat” has broken lines, both white and gray, such as security business, “1 in 5 Tiger Kong lottery” for rent – manage the Chatuchak Market – Klong Toey, buses, football clubs, total assets worth hundreds of million baht.

As soon as the 22 May 2014 coup d’état Thammanat was ordered by the NCPO to report to himself along with “Seth. Ice”, Gen. Trirong-Gen Thuanthong Intaratat at He has a close relationship with “Thaksin Shinawatra”, Pheu Thai, who in the past “Lieutenant Thammanat” used to apply for MPs to the Thai Rak Thai Party list before.

But after the NCPO regained power, “Capt. Thammanat” was tapped to take control of the Northern Pracharat Party’s field until now.

Another person who came quietly But has the right to enter the high sign, which is “Chaiwut Thanakmanusorn”, MPs, Palang Pracharath Party list The spearhead that came out in front of the gang of 4 children Somkid Jatusripitak To be thrown out of the cabinet in all respects

According to the profile, “Chaiwut” has a connection at a big level. Holding a brother-sister ticket, the Chula Connection Engineering Network is a former key executive in the Gulf Energy group, who also played politics as a Singburi MP. In the name of Thai Rak Thai Year 2544 before moving to the Thai National Party When being politically punctuated Because of the aftermath of the dissolution of the Thai National Party in 2007, he disappeared and dabbled in the business sector. It was a Gulf executive group before returning to apply for Senate in 2014, but was knocked over by a coup d’etat.

However, “Chaiwut” has a special relationship with “Natthaphon Teepasuwan”, Minister of Education and “Putthipong Punnakan” and the NCPO Group. “Natthaphon-Puttiphong” met Gen. Prawit at the Government House. When moving from the Democrat. Come to live in Phrachaarat

Most importantly, he has a younger brother, Chotiwut Thanakmanusorn, a Singburi MP, Phangpracharath, while Kan Kanit’s wife is a sectarian. It was also boosted by the “Virat Rattanaset” group of MPs, the power list of Pracharat to become Minister.

When Wirat met “Chaiwut” in the Party Executive Committee meeting on March 2, he called out “Minister”.

This time, “Chaiwut” has the high right to fulfill his wish to sit in the ministerial chair, but will it be the DES Minister or not? Gen. Prayut Supreme power holder

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