Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Technology Compatible with HomeKit, it also includes a bell to notify on the...

Compatible with HomeKit, it also includes a bell to notify on the mobile

When we talk about connected locks, one of the signatures that usually appears is Aqara. In charge of manufacturing devices such as IP cameras, connected switches, smart plugs, the brand is about to launch a new connected lock that will also reach the European market.

This is the N100 smart lock, a model that could already be found in China since the end of 2019 and that will now reach the old continent but also improving some of its features and maintaining others such as integration with HomeKit or Alexa.

With integrated buzzer

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In this case, the Aqara N100 smart lock will be able to use Bluetooth to function as HomeKit, but in addition to being compatible with Zigbee 3.0, which is understood by the launch of the Hub M2. This reduces the times to initiate any action and improves lock usability.

In addition, in this case the N100 lock is characterized by being able to be managed through HomeKit and the My Home app, but also and as a novelty with the Aqara Home app, for even better integration with other Aqara devices. A model that takes advantage of the hole in traditional locks to install itself.

I've been using a smart lock at home for more than a year

To interact with the lock of Aqara, we can use the control by means of access codes via the built-in keyboard, fingerprint unlocking with the sensor built into the handle (can store up to 50 fingerprints and 50 key codes), as well as NFC. The mobile or tablet will be the tool that will allow the management of all aspects of the lock either using Siri or the Aqara or My Home applications.

La cerradura Aqara N100 includes a doorbell with a built-in speaker in the inner half of the lock. In this way, if someone uses the doorbell, we will receive a notification on the phone in the Aqara Home application (HomeKit does not support this function). In addition, it can be configured to play a ringtone on the mobile each time the doorbell is pressed. The loudspeaker on the doorbell also functions as an alarm to warn if the door is not properly closed or if someone is tampering with the lock.

Aqara N100 Ls Fi

To make it work, the N100 makes use of eight AA batteries and if these are exhausted, the lock can be charged using the built-in USB-C port that supplies 5v.

Price and availability

For now, the price with which this improved Aqara N100 lock can arrive has not been revealed. At the moment, it is already available for purchase in Russia, for 17,990 rubles, which comes to be about 200 euros to change.

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