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conditional sentence for the motorist

It is a little after 6.30 am that morning, Wednesday September 9, 2020, when a Volkswagen “Polo” crosses the RN102 to reach the artisanal zone of Bleu, in Polignac. “I was going to take my job. I will be taking this route for seventeen years, ”explains the 50-year-old at the helm.

“I’m sorry but it’s such a trite word. What I feel is much stronger than that ”

It was when he entered the national road that a Yamaha 125 cm motorcycle 3 hits it very violently at the front left door. The 52-year-old biker, domiciled in Saint-Paulien, was driving towards Puy-en-Velay. He too was on his way to work.

With a voice full of gravity mixed with sadness, the defendant tells. “I remember I was following a 4×4. When this vehicle entered the national road, I put the stop sign… I did not see the headlight of the motorcycle. I just felt the impact, the door deformed and the airbag triggered, ”continues the motorist.

Under the extreme violence of the shock, the biker is thrown onto the tar and his motorcycle, stuck under a heavy weight arriving in the opposite direction, is dragged for several tens of meters.

While the family of the deceased came in large numbers to attend the trial, the man at the bar is not looking for an excuse. It is therefore President Nizar Samlal who brings him to broach the subject: he too has lost a brother and his mother, each in a car accident. And the one at the origin of the death of his mother resembles in every way the tragedy of the “Plaine de Bleu”. “Having experienced it, I understand what the family may think of me. I’m sorry but it’s such a trivial word. What I feel is much stronger than that. “

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The court pronounces a suspended sentence of six months in prison and aligns itself with the administrative sanction concerning the suspension of the driving license: it will be returned to him in July. For the refusal of priority, it is a penalty of 300 euros fine.



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