Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Home World Conditions continued to deteriorate on the outskirts of Milan

Conditions continued to deteriorate on the outskirts of Milan

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Last week, three knife attacks took place around Milan’s infamous Via Molise. Silvia Sardone, the League’s MEP, visited the busy buildings and the most dangerous streets in Milan, where she spoke to migrants and showed in a video what the conditions are in the area, the V4NA News Agency reported.

Silvia Sardone, MEP of the League, has condemned the many crimes that have taken place in the area. The MP has been examining the most critical areas of Milan in recent times.

“There was a fire in the Viale Molise Liberty complex for a while last night that was occupied by illegal immigrants and they were probably the cause of the fire as well. There were only 3 knife attacks in the area last week, ”said Silvia Sardone.

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The level of crime on the outskirts of Milan is very high. Citizens are frightened by the escalation of violence, the lack of institutions and the fact that firefighters and ambulances only go to more serious cases. This area appears to have been entrusted to the graces of criminals and illegal immigrants, many of whom make a living from drug trafficking.

“The situation is worrying but the municipality and the mayor are not interested in what happened in the area,” said Silvia Sardone, who wanted to document what was happening inside the abandoned buildings on Viale Molise. He reported on this on his social network and also posted pictures showing his experiences.

Photo: V4NA

“On Monday morning, I conducted a field inspection of the abandoned buildings.

I found a dramatic situation: dozens of immigrants of all nationalities and backgrounds crowded into piles of waste in the rooms.

There has been no eviction in the recent period, and the municipality has not taken steps to protect previously evacuated buildings, ”said Silvia Sardone.

The MEP has collected the testimonies of those living in precarious conditions in the occupied buildings. “Those present said they had been here for a while and over the years they had come to Italy by boat or on the Balkan route. Along the long corridors, entire rooms are covered with rubbish, and in some rooms there are clear signs of past fires, ”explained Silvia Sardone.

The MEP summed up what he had seen:

“There are distributors and electrical wires everywhere, an electric fire can easily break out in any room. And social services come and visit migrants every week and distribute food and clothing to them. ”

“Is this a concept of legitimacy for the left? Is this the model of inclusion that the Democratic Party is proud of every day? What else needs to happen for someone to intervene? It is scandalous that the mayor never showed up in this area to see the turmoil that some parts of the city have been forced into because of the immigration policy of the left. The indifference of the municipality of Milan is a disgrace to the whole city nofor!”Said the League’s MEP.

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