Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Confirmation of the purpose of the trip can be in electronic or paper form

Updates: 02.03.2021 16:49

Prague – Confirmation of the purpose of the trip between districts can be submitted by people in electronic and printed form during the inspection. Police said it today twitter. However, they prefer the paper form, as it will enable faster and safer control without mutual contact. When traveling to work outside the district of residence, proof of confirmation from the employer must be provided from Monday, for other trips, such as to the doctor or to the office, people must submit a form or affidavit stating the place, time and destination of the trip.

“From a legal point of view, the purpose of the trip can undoubtedly be documented in both ways. However, presenting a document stored on a mobile phone is problematic in terms of compliance with hygiene measures,” said police. According to them, the control of a document in a mobile phone cannot be performed contactless, it takes a longer time, and thus increases the risk of possible spread of the infection. “That is why we prefer the document, but we accept both methods,” the police added.

The Minister of the Interior, Jan Hamáček (CSSD), also stated today in the Chamber of Deputies that the police wanted paper certificates for hygienic reasons. According to Hamáček, police officers should be at least 1.5 meters away from the inspected person, and the confirmation on a mobile phone is difficult to read at this distance. There is concern about the health of the intervening police officers, he said.

The request for a paper confirmation was questioned by pirate MP Ondřej Profant. He pointed out that the government decree states a written confirmation, which is both paper and electronic. “The preferred route should be electronic, where no one has to hand over dirty paper,” he said. Dominik Feri (TOP 09) expressed a similar opinion, according to which not everyone has a printer at home, but the so-called smartphone is owned by almost everyone.

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The government has significantly restricted the free movement of people since Monday. District boundaries can be crossed on the way to work, to a doctor or to the office. Walks, running and other activities are possible until March 21 only in the municipality in which the person lives. Other restrictions came into force across the country on Monday, closing kindergartens and the remaining open schools, as well as other shops and service establishments. Stricter are the conditions for covering the mouth and nose, in the shop or public transport there is a newly mandatory respirator or nanotowel, in the village at least a veil.

On Monday, police officers checked more than 53,000 vehicles across the county across the country, and in 1527 cases prevented people from entering the district.

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