Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Technology consoles on sale this Wednesday, March 3 in a major retailer

consoles on sale this Wednesday, March 3 in a major retailer

Released several months ago, the PlayStation 5 remains untraceable. Sony struggles to meet the ever-flourishing demand when the scalpers come to ensure that the few consoles on sale are picked up by bots. Nonetheless, replenishments continue and some lucky ones manage to buy some. And on this Wednesday, March 3, a large brand will have stock.

ps5 at Carrefour from 11am

Once again, it is through the Twitter account of the lively Hamster Player that this new supply was spotted. According to him, a new replenishment would be planned on the side of Carrefour. Fresh stock available from 11 a.m. and accessible to all. To do this, nothing could be simpler, just join the queue. And don’t worry if you arrive a bit late, between withdrawals, technical issues and unexpected disconnections, you may hit the jackpot even after the countdown has ended.

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For those interested, it’s here. And if you don’t manage to take advantage, don’t worry, restockings will be scheduled for the next few days. After Intermarché and Géant Casino earlier in the week, other brands such as FNAC, Auchan, Cora or even the giant Amazon could also take the plunge. It is advisable to stay on the lookout, resellers sometimes not giving notice when restocking. Either way, good luck everyone, and may the fate be in your favor.



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