Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Home Business Costa ignores tests in comparison with May - Coronavirus

Costa ignores tests in comparison with May – Coronavirus

António Costa underlined, last Friday, that despite the pressure to start the lack of definition, the number of cases was “double the number registered” on September 15, when the contingency state was declared due to the pandemic and “four times superior ”to those seen in the deflation in early May of last year.

However, the Prime Minister did not mention, at any time, in this comparison the increase in the number of tests performed, a factor that influences the number of detected cases.

Costa stressed that the positive numbers were “relative” and recalled that on May 4, there were 242 new daily cases and that on September 15, there were 425. Now, he said, they are at 1,027.

In May tests were less than half

The prime minister’s comparison, however, never mentioned that the number of tests at the time of the first deflation was 12,902, less than half that of the current 26,500. Even on September 15, the daily average of tests in the previous seven days was 19.4 thousand. And in May, only people with symptoms were tested.

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The positivity rate, which measures the percentage of tests that give a positive result, was 1.7% on May 4, having increased to 3% on September 15. Currently, this figure is 4%. The peak in this indicator was reached at the end of January, when it reached 20%.

Costa also pointed out the numbers of hospitalizations and patients in intensive care units. The current 1,997 inpatients and 446 patients in intensive care are well above the figures for May or September.



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