Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home World Covid-19. Italy registers 17,083 new cases and 343 deaths

Covid-19. Italy registers 17,083 new cases and 343 deaths

Italy recorded 17,083 new cases of covid-19 and 343 deaths in the last 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health, on the day that the Society of Italian Virology announced that it had isolated in Brescia the variant discovered in Nigeria.

This figure represents a sharp increase compared to Monday’s 13,000 contagions, although more tests have been carried out, with 335,983 today compared to almost 170,000 the previous day.

Across the country, 2,995,434 have been infected and 98,288 people have died since the start of the health emergency a year ago.

Of the 389,433 currently positive, 21,897 are hospitalized (496 more than on Monday), of which 2,237 are hospitalized in Intensive Care Units (38 more).

Regarding the vaccination campaign, the number of doses inoculated to date is 4,434,131, while 1,424,677 people have already received the second dose.

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Today, the president of the Society of Italian Virology, Arnaldo Caruso, reported that the variant discovered in Nigeria of SARS-CoV-2 was isolated for the first time in Brescia.

“For the first time in Italy, we isolated a virus that carries one of the mutations that are of concern because it could confer resistance to the covid-19 vaccines already available,” he said.

Italian regions continue to be classified in colors – from white to red – depending on the risk they represent.

At the moment, 10 are in the orange category, the intermediate level with severe limitations and only two are confined in red, Basilicata and Molise, in the south.

On the other hand, the island of Sardinia is in the “white” zone, with only limitations.

The covid-19 pandemic caused at least 2,539,505 deaths worldwide, resulting from more than 114.3 million cases of infection, according to a report made by the French agency AFP.

The disease is transmitted by a new coronavirus detected in late December 2019 in Wuhan, a city in central China.

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