Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Covid-19: MAI says there has been a “significant reduction in circulation” since Friday

The Minister of Home Affairs said today that there has been “a significant reduction in the circulation” of cars since Friday and “general compliance” with the rules of the state of emergency due to the pandemic.

“Since Friday, there has been a significant reduction in circulation and general compliance by citizens with what are the rules resulting from the period of state of emergency”, said Eduardo Cabrita, at the press conference presenting the general data of the 2020 Homeland Security Report (ISAD) 2020.

The minister was asked about the restrictive measures during this Easter period, namely the ban on movement between municipalities since Friday and until April 5th.

The government official reiterated the importance of complying with the measures in order for the deconfination plan to be carried out.

“Today we have the lowest contagion results in the entire European Union, which proves that the measures adopted in the past two months are producing good results, which translate into easing the pressure on the National Health Service, but we must continue and consolidate these results and it is up to everyone that next week is marked by compliance, ”he said.

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In Portugal, 16,845 people died from 821,104 confirmed cases of infection, according to the most recent bulletin from the Directorate-General for Health.

Portugal is in a state of emergency until April 15.



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