Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Sport Covid-19: More than 2.8 million dead worldwide since pandemic began

Covid-19: More than 2.8 million dead worldwide since pandemic began

The covid-19 pandemic has already caused at least 2,805,004 deaths worldwide since the new coronavirus was detected in late 2019 in China, the daily balance sheet carried out by the agency France-Presse (AFP) indicates today.

Globally, more than 128,173,020 cases of infection with the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) have been officially diagnosed worldwide, according to data gathered by the French news agency.

In the last 24 hours, there were 11,912 more deaths and 611,587 new cases of the disease covid-19 all around the world.

Values ​​that represent an increase compared to the figures for Monday (and released on Tuesday by the French agency), the day on which 7,501 deaths and 459,625 new infections were recorded worldwide.

The vast majority of patients recover from the disease, but a portion of these people still report experiencing associated symptoms for weeks or even months, according to AFP.

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The French agency clarifies that these figures are based on the balance sheets provided daily by the health authorities of each country and exclude the revisions made later by statistical agencies, as occurs in Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The countries that registered the most deaths in the last 24 hours were, and according to the respective national balance sheets, Brazil with 3,780 deaths, the United States of America (1,038) and Mexico (807).

The United States remains the most affected country globally, both in terms of death and in cases, with a total of 550,998 deaths out of 30,393,702 registered cases, according to the count of the American university Johns Hopkins.

After the United States, the list of countries most affected in global terms remains unchanged: Brazil with 317,646 deaths and 12,658,109 cases, Mexico with 202,633 deaths (2,232,910 cases), India with 162,468 deaths (12,149,335 cases ) and the United Kingdom with 126,670 deaths (4,341,736 cases).

Still among the most affected countries, and according to AFP analysis, the Czech Republic is currently the one with the most deaths in relation to its population, with 247 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by four other European countries: Hungary (212 ), Montenegro (200), Bosnia (199) and Belgium (198).

By regions of the world, Europe still totaled today at 10:00 TMG (11:00 in Lisbon) 953,861 deaths in 43,566,193 confirmed cases of infection, Latin America and the Caribbean 778,296 deaths (24,684,869 cases), the United States United States and Canada 573,919 deaths (31,368,723 cases), Asia 271,692 deaths (17,824,180 cases), the Middle East 113,740 deaths (6,486,902 cases), Africa 112,503 deaths (4,205,005 cases) and Oceania 993 deaths (37,154 cases).

Since the start of the pandemic, the number of diagnostic tests performed has increased significantly and screening and screening techniques have improved, leading to an increase in reported and reported infections.

However, according to AFP, the number of diagnosed cases reflects only a fraction of the actual total number of infections, with a significant proportion of less severe or asymptomatic cases not being cited.

This assessment was carried out based on data collected by AFP delegations from the competent national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Due to corrections made by the authorities or late notifications, the increase in daily numbers may not correspond exactly to the data published the previous day, according to AFP.



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