Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Home World Crazy race to the Lidl food processor: gatherings in front of supermarkets

Crazy race to the Lidl food processor: gatherings in front of supermarkets

Some tried to enter just before the opening, while others elbowed to overcome the line, starting a real competition to win a piece of Monsieur Cuisine Connect for sale in Lidl stores. The images of the video come from Milazzo, where the crowd competed to get first to the low-cost model of the most famous Thermomix. A race that took place in all the stores in Italy, as happened for the famous shoes that had become a real topic of current affairs following the mad rush in all the stores in Italy. Lidl has been marketing its food processor since June 2018, but the boom has come in recent months.

In Spain, the court had already ordered Lidl to withdraw the food processor from the market, because it was accused of infringing the Thermomix patent. The sentence came last January after the complaint of Vorwerk, the manufacturer of the Thermomix, in the courts of the country. In Italy, however, it is still marketed and represents a great opportunity for buyers. Not even the fear of contagion frightened the customers who crowded in front of several Lidl stores throughout Italy. In particular that of Milazzo saw real scenes from the far west for the robot capable of browning, blending, mixing and kneading. It has preset recipes and is equipped with a touch screen. The robot is available for only 349 euros. There are those who are willing to go crazy for the food processor which costs much less than the direct competitor. The occasions of Lidl, especially in times of renewed economic crisis, now represent a real event in Italy after the shoe race that had caused the entire internet to be discussed, so much so that law enforcement agencies now fear gatherings on the occasion of a new marketing of a product in the well-known supermarket chain.

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