Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Cultivating smart working in the company

In recent months, smart working has become a constant in the operations of many companies, which have found in this way of working the perfect solution to lockdown. But how is it possible to get the most out of smart working even in more standard situations?

Talking about the topic, in this episode of Entrepreneurs in Video for Mobile Video Marketing with Manabe Repici, is Zeffirino Perini, CEO of TeamSystem Communication and great expert on the subject.

The concepts of smart working find ample space in VOIspeed, an innovative product by TeamSystem Communication that allows you to have high control over company operations directly in the cloud.

Thanks to his great experience, Zeffirino Perini then tells us the importance of smart working and how it can be integrated in the best way within an entrepreneurial reality, thus enhancing its business.

A powerful and versatile tool

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Zeffirino Perini is the CEO and founder of TeamSystem Communication, a company that has been focusing on for several years VOIspeed, a proprietary solution born as a software switchboard and now a cloud platform.

VOISpeed, as told by Zeffirino Perini to Manabe Repici during Entrepreneurs in Video, is a tool that it mainly allows you to receive calls coming to the office from anywhere. A highly requested feature in recent times due to the lockdown and that fits perfectly with the cornerstones of smart working.

A fundamental aspect of VOIspeed is its being a highly versatile product, able to be integrated with other services. CRM, monitoring and much more: the limits of the possibilities of expansion of VOISpeed ​​depend only on the imagination of the final user. Suffice it to say that someone uses it to automatically read and send gas meter data.

This great versatility of the product arises from the fact that VOIspeed was developed precisely to solve problems, thus bringing solutions to the problems of different companies. According to Zeffirino Perini, it is useless to propose long lists of characteristics for a product, but it is enough to have those 5-6 that actually manage to solve problems.

The importance of internal communication

To successfully integrate smart working in the company, adequate tools are therefore required, but also a certain corporate culture, which is able to approach changes in the best possible way.

But how to take care of this aspect and make your organization ready to work remotely? As told by Zeffirino Perini, TeamSystem Communication has worked a lot on internal communication in recent months, in such a way as to make employees more cohesive and assist them in this process of paradigm shift.

Zeffirino Perino, during the lockdown, started sending every day an email to their employees, communicating a brief summary of company operations and strategic decisions made by management to them.

During that time they were basted internal webinars, in which the various employees were asked to describe their everyday operations and their duties in more detail. In this way, all the various employees began a path of growth, interacting with others and also understanding how it is necessary to respect the work of others.

A long series of tools that has set up a sort of inward editorial plan. A simple, effective and immediate form of communication, able to involve employees, increase their cohesion and, consequently, also strengthen the business.

Delegate to improve

TeamSystem Communication gives great importance to its human resources, an aspect that can also be found in the great trust that is placed in the various employees. As stated to Manabe Repici during Entrepreneurs in Video, in fact, Zeffirino Perini focuses heavily on proxies.

Social Video Marketing

To give an employee responsibility and trust, two pillars must be present: skills and clarity. You need to be able to know how to do, but also to know what the direction of the company is, to navigate all together towards the same goal.

With the presence of these two aspects, a win-win situation is created within the company, where the company grows, the employees feel empowered and important and the entrepreneur finally has more time and energy to devote himself to other activities.

According to Zeffirino Perini, business organization is the key to a company’s success. Something that is sometimes not given the right importance, but which often and willingly ends up proving to be decisive.

Taking care of your business from this point of view means being not only ready for change, but also being able to get the most out of it, while at the same time creating value for all stakeholders, starting from employees up to customers.

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