Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Customs and Excise Reveals 56 Cases in Jayapura, from Dried Marijuana to Sex Toys – Supervision of the circulation of illegal goods and services for export-import activities is not only carried out by Customs and Excise at ports, airports, or strategic places in big cities but also to the outer regions of Indonesia which directly border with other countries.

One of the Customs and Excise vertical units of the Ministry of Finance that oversees the border area is the Jayapura Customs Office which is directly adjacent to the border between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

During last year the Jayapura Customs Office recorded 56 cases of illegal smuggling of goods.

“A total of 56 cases of smuggling consisting of several types of goods, including dried marijuana, vanilla, liquor, and sex toys were successfully thwarted. This number has increased from 31 in 2019,” the Jayapura Customs report was quoted as saying., Friday (5/3/2021).

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The scope of the surveillance area consists of 1 city and 12 regencies in Papua Island with a coastline of 611.65 km, a border of 278.77 km and an area of ​​121,033.98 km². In addition, there are four other monitoring points, namely Sentani International Airport, Jayapura Customs Post, Hamadi Sea Border Crossing Post (PLBL), and Skouw National Border Crossing Post (PLBN).

The wide and varied area of ​​supervision is certainly a challenge in itself, but this actually makes Jayapura Customs continue to innovate in supervising and providing services.

Supervision is carried out in collaboration with other law enforcement officers in the Jayapura area. This synergy will increase the number of crackdowns on smuggling attempts over the border in 2020.

Innovation is not only carried out from a synergy with other agencies. Another form of innovation made by the Jayapura Customs Office is the establishment of a cyber patrol surveillance unit.

With changes in the pattern of society in using online media as a means of buying and selling products, Jayapura Customs is trying to use social media as a source of information in combating the circulation of narcotics which has been rife lately. Through the cyber patrol unit, Jayapura Customs and Excise collect data, analyze, and compile accurate intelligence products.

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Since its formation in July 2020, the unit cyber patrol Jayapura Customs and Excise have carried out 29 types of drug enforcement synthetic cannabinoid of the information gathered.



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