Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home World dad and son wear the same shirt with Baby Girl initial

dad and son wear the same shirt with Baby Girl initial

Fedez is among the Big of the 71st edition of Sanremo Festival, which he participates in paired with Francesca Michielin with the song “Call me by name“. A few months ago he risked disqualification for having” spoiled “a few seconds of the song but in the end luckily everything worked out for the best and today he is ready for his debut on the Ariston stage. Of course, this exciting experience will force him. to stay away from his family for 10 days but in the last hours he found a way to bring his wife and children always with him. The rapper immolated himself wearing a designer shirt with the initials of their names printed on it, also giving a small preview of the choice made for the little Baby Girl on the way.

Leone “imitates” father Fedez for Sanremo

After Fedez showed off a personalized shirt on social media with the initials of the names of his wife and children, Chiara Ferragni documented the home preparations to admire the rapper’s performance in Sanremo. Under the motto of “Our family is ready to cheer on dad“, the fashion influencer immortalized the little Leone with a look coordinated with that of her husband. Thanks to the fact that the three went together to Donatella Versace’s atelier for the fitting of the clothes, father and son decided to choose two identical garments to begin this exciting experience together even if at a distance. In addition to having reproduced the same pose from behind and with the hand making the sign of peace in plain sight, Leone and Fedez looked super adorable in the same shirt with baroque prints in shades of pink and gold (signed by the designer himself).

Fedez’s Sanremo looks are family-themed

What are the letters printed on the back of Donatella Versace’s shirt? FCLV, or the initials of the names of Fedez, Chiara, Leone and the little Baby Girl. The spoiler on the girl’s name arrived “by surprise” and gave way to the most varied bets by the fans, who now can’t wait to find out what the birth will be called. The rapper is very close to the family and it is precisely for this reason that he wanted to bring it to Sanremo, even if only “virtually”. All his looks, in fact, will have some symbol that refers to his wife and children, even if in every evening the suits will be distinguished by a different print.

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