Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home World Dal Verme on pole for the State Property. A controversial appointment

Dal Verme on pole for the State Property. A controversial appointment

The question was opened a week ago. But it hasn’t closed yet. It is a week ago that – according to government sources a Huffpost – a phone call went out from the Ministry of Economy. Directed to Antonio Agostini, director of the State Property Agency. Subject of the call: an imminent replacement. Agostini has not yet reached the middle of his three-year term (he was appointed by the Conte government on January 27, 2020), but the new executive would be willing to proceed with the rotation already in the next few days. On pole is Alessandra Dal Verme, formerly in charge of the General Inspectorate for Economic Affairs of the State General Accounting Office, then again in via XX Settembre, in the Treasury structures.

Dal Verme’s candidacy to the State Property is not new. He had already made his name in the previous round. Just as she appeared several times in the full ministers of the Draghi government. But now things seem to be getting more concrete. There is the intention of the Government and there is the communication to Agostini, who was asked to facilitate the change with the willingness to finish the assignment earlier than expected. But the reflection within the executive is still open because the appointment of Dal Verme could open problems of incompatibility. Dal Verme is the sister-in-law of Paolo Gentiloni, European Commissioner for Economic Affairs. Problems could arise here. The doubts that are mounting in a part of the executive in these hours are due to two kinds of reasons. The first question concerns the position of Gentiloni given that among the incompatibilities of the European commissioners there is also that of having relatives or kin in the member countries of the European Union that manage investments and resources that have to do with EU funds. The work of the State Property has an impact on European funds, in particular on the Green New Deal.

The second question has to do with the Consolidated Law on public management, in the passage in which it is foreseen that the managers of the supervisory administrations cannot have operational positions in the supervised entities. Unless a certain period of time has elapsed since the termination of the mandate in the supervisory administration. Dal Verme is at Mef. The Mef is the vigilant administration of the activities of the State Property.

For these reasons, a precise indication has not yet arrived, even if other government sources reveal that it could already be done at the Council of Ministers scheduled for Thursday afternoon at Palazzo Chigi. The procedure for appointing the director of the State Property Agency provides for a preliminary approval in the Cdm, then the opinion of the State-Regions Conference and finally the final resolution for the appointment. But the appointment still travels on a controversial level.

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