Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home World Dave Morrow, the photographer who did 117 miles for the photo

Dave Morrow, the photographer who did 117 miles for the photo

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Dave Morrow embarked on a three-day hike in the mountains to take some long-coveted photos. He documented his journey on video, giving tips for novice photographers as well – read the CsupaSport article.

Everyone is motivated by something else when they start hiking. Some want to take a good walk in the woods to vent their head or be with their family, prepare for another performance tour, and walk the woods to get the best of their stamina. And there are those who hunt for unrepeatable moments by hanging their cameras around their necks. The camp of the latter is augmented by Dave Morrow, who shared a summary of one of his tours with the world on youtube.

In doing so, he would walk 73 miles, or nearly 117 kilometers, to take the perfect photo for him in a pre-planned location.

The man introduces breathtaking scenery to his viewers and his website provides useful tips for beginners to create professional landscapes.

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“One of the most important things to know in advance to take landscapes is the weather,” Dave Morrow says in the video. “Even if we have a place to take photos, we need to choose a time that suits the pictures.”

Cover image: nature photographer Dave Morrow. Photo: Youtube.

You can read the full article HERE.

You just have to go into an ambush

I want to communicate the beauty of nature, not destruction – nature photographer Bence Máté told our magazine, who won this year’s World Press Photo nature photo award with his painting Survival Instinct. The photographer’s country-of-life oeuvre exhibition is currently stationed in the main square of Debrecen.

– How is a photo of Máté Bence taken?
– I’m looking for interesting behavior in nature, I don’t figure out the topics. I usually walk the terrain, and when I see a scene that triggers my imagination, I try to photograph it afterwards because it’s easy to see, but it’s awfully hard to photograph. Sometimes it takes months of work, and it may not end up being crowned with success. Sometimes a couple of lucky hours is enough.

– His picture entitled The Survival Instinct was taken in Covasna County. Did you travel to Transylvania for frogs with slaughtered legs?
“I’ve been photographing bears, I’ve been following them for five years now.” I built several lures in Transylvania and photographed them at night, under a lamplight, because in this way the light reveals very interesting details, such as their breath, which is very photogenic. I knew the frogs ’thighs were being cut off and thrown back into the creek while still alive, so I took some time during the breaks. This is interesting because I photographed them for about three hours, making me the second biggest success of my photographic career.

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