Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Business Defining plan will not have dates for reopening activities - Economy

Defining plan will not have dates for reopening activities – Economy

The deconfination plan that the Government is going to present next March 11th should not include specific dates for the reopening of activities.

According to this Friday’s Expresso newspaper, the “outline” of the plan that António Costa asked a group of experts, and which he will present at the next Monday’s Infarmed meeting, does not include a calendar, unlike what happened in the last year, when the deflation plan was divided into three stages, for two weeks.

The Prime Minister has already revealed that the reopening of the economy will be gradual and will cover “progressively successive activities”. But, according to the weekly, the passage to each next phase will not be scheduled. It will depend on the fulfillment of a series of public health criteria and will follow the evolution of the screening and vaccination campaigns.

António Costa also signaled that the deflation may have different levels according to the region of the country. And, according to the weekly, this is what is foreseen. There should be a easing of restrictions at the local level and another at the national level, depending on the state of the pandemic in each region.

The reopening will begin with the schools, guaranteed the prime minister. Nurseries and pre-schoolers may return to work in March, writes the Express.

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