Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Democrat Cadre Vows ‘For God’s sake’, Jhoni Allen: Hopefully You’re Healthy – The Mata Najwa program often presents interesting debates that take place between the speakers. As happened recently, when Jhoni Allen Marbun, a former Democrat cadre, debated the statement of the Democratic Wasekjen Jansen Sitindaon.

In a video entitled ‘Strong Fight in Democrats: Polemic of Determining AHY as a Democratic Ketum’ uploaded on the Youtub Najwa Shihab channel, Thursday (4/3/2021) the two figures discussed the nomination of Ketum at the 2020 Democratic congress.

In the video, Jansen Sitindaon swears that the nomination of ketum is done openly and only AHY has registered.

“I will open this first, I am present there, so in the name of God I say the candidacy was opened. So there is no story that the candidacy was not opened at the congress yesterday,” said Jansen Sitindaon.

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Hearing this, Jhoni did not accept it. He then told what happened in his version of the congress.

“Participants in the congress are all participants in the congress, voting rights are used at the election of the general chairman. Don’t be closed off due to other factors,” said Jhoni.

Jhoni said that at that time Edhi Baskoro Yudhoyono alias Ibas who was AHY’s younger brother actually also wanted to advance in the 2020 Congress.

“If it is opened, Ibas will also go forward, Ibas will also ask me,” said Jhoni.

Jhoni Allen Marbun's hot debate with Jansen Sitindaon in the eyes of Najwa (Youtube)
Jhoni Allen Marbun’s hot debate with Jansen Sitindaon in the eyes of Najwa (Youtube)

Hearing this, Jansen then denied it. He once again emphasized that AHY registered as a candidate for ketum because the candidacy was opened.

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“The fact is that there is no support if the candidacy is opened,” argued Jansen.



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