Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home Breaking News Denmark and Israel have been discussing cooperation for almost a year

Denmark and Israel have been discussing cooperation for almost a year

Denmark, Israel and other countries have met every few weeks for almost a year, says the ambassador.

When Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) travels to Israel on Thursday to discuss vaccine cooperation with Israel and Austria, it is the result of close to a year of discussions between a group of countries.

This is what Benny Dagan, Israel’s ambassador to Denmark, says.

– The discussions started a long time ago between a group of countries. They have met every few weeks to talk about, for example, vaccines, treatment, equipment and infrastructure, says Benny Dagan.

In recent months, the focus has been on the problem of vaccine shortages. Hence the necessity of merging. It is the natural result of almost a year of discussions.

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Mette Frederiksen said back at the end of April that Denmark had become part of a corona alliance for small countries started by Austria.

At the time, it was reported that the first meeting was attended by Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Australia and New Zealand, while Singapore was also part of the alliance.

Already there, Mette Frederiksen mentioned the idea of ​​a vaccine collaboration.

– And then it is also the plan to initiate a strategic collaboration with each other in the future in order to be self-sufficient in protective equipment, medical equipment and vaccines, she said.

On Tuesday, Mette Frederiksen again opened up the possibility of a collaboration with Israel on a vaccine factory.

– Yes, we are talking specifically about how we can increase vaccine production. It can be in a public-private partnership. Building our own capacity that we can make available. I do not rule out any ideas – not even to build factories, said Mette Frederiksen.

In Israel, the Prime Minister will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz before returning to Denmark on the same day.

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