Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News Denmark has found case number ten of Brazilian variant

Denmark has found case number ten of Brazilian variant

Infection detection has already been carried out in connection with the discovery of tenth cases of Brazilian variant.

Denmark has registered the tenth case of infection with the Brazilian corona variant P1.

This is stated by Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) on Twitter.

– The new case is linked to a previously known chain of infection. The person has been in isolation since the chain of infection was identified, and infection detection has therefore already been made, he writes.

He does not provide further information on where in the country the case of infection in question is registered.

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P1 is one of the corona variants that the Statens Serum Institut (SSI) pays special attention to, and the Danish health authorities run an intensified infection detection if there is a suspicion of infection with the variant.

This is because it has a mutation that studies have linked to decreased sensitivity to antibodies.

The coronavirus vaccines approved for use in Denmark are expected to work against P1. But it can be with reduced effect.

At the same time, the Brazilian variant has some mutations that suggest it may be more contagious.

The Brazilian variant was first found in Manaus, Brazil in January and in some Japanese travelers who had been to Brazil.

Manaus in particular has been hit by a strong second wave of infection at the beginning of the year, although many residents had been infected in the past.

At the beginning of March, the variant was detected for the first time in Denmark.

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