Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World Denmark is considering repatriating jihadist children from Syria

Denmark is considering repatriating jihadist children from Syria

The Danish government, which until recently opposed any form of repatriation, has announced the establishment of a committee to look into the conditions for the repatriation of Syrian children of Danish descent, whose parents are jihadists, following a controversial issue. European capitals.

The commission’s goal, which will announce its conclusions on May 15, is “for children of parents who are Danish citizens to be able to go to Denmark as soon as possible,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. of radicalization.

Nineteen Danish-born or Danish-born children between the ages of one and 14 are currently in Kurdish-controlled al-Holl and Roz camps in Syria.

The humanitarian situation and the possible radicalization of children have recently affected members of the parliamentary majority to the point where they have forced the government, which until then has opposed an intervention, to change its position.

According to a poll by the Megafon Institute released today, 62% of Danes are now in favor of repatriating children. Two weeks ago, the figure was 34%, according to a survey by pollster Voxmeter.

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In mid-March, the non-governmental organization Repatriate the Children, which supports the repatriation of children, filed a lawsuit against the government, saying it “endangers” the lives of children.

“Safety and health conditions are poor and there is a general lack of basic equipment, including medicines, healthcare and drinking water. This affects children, who, unlike their parents, are not responsible for their current situation, which is particularly difficult. “, justified the diplomacy of Denmark.

However, Prime Minister Matthew Fredericksen has reiterated in recent days that repatriation does not concern the children ‘s parents, including their mothers.

“We are always of the opinion that those who have turned their backs on Denmark should not be helped by the Danish government or others to return to Denmark,” he said.

Nearly 43,000 foreigners are still being held by Kurds in northeastern Syria, men in prisons, women and children in camps, according to Human Rights Watch. Among them are about 27,500 foreign minors.

While positions are divided in Europe, Belgium announced in early March its intention to “do everything” to repatriate almost 30 children who are Belgian citizens from Syria.



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