Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Department of Health launches ‘Pink book’ platform for mother and child apps Spread the knowledge for a safe pregnancy

According to the fiscal year 2020 maternal and child health work report, it was found that 82.9% of pregnant women had antenatal care at the gestational age of less than or equal to 12 weeks. Week 15.97% (HDC dashboard, 22 Jan 2021) Early neonatal mortality rate was 3.76 per thousand live births. The Thai neonatal mortality rate less than or equal to 28 days was 4.8 per thousand live births. The Thai neonatal mortality rate less than or equal to one year was 8.52 per thousand live births ([email protected]From the 2020 maternal mortality surveillance, it was found that the Thai maternal mortality ratio was 22.90 per 100,000 live births. Exceeding the target values, the main causes are hemorrhage and high blood pressure during pregnancy. This is a preventable cause and in the number of mothers who died found that There was a delay in judgment for treatment and a lack of awareness of 38% of pregnant women and their families in the care system when pregnant women came to antenatal care at all levels of health care facilities. Risks will be screened in the maternal and child health journal. When a risk is found, it will be taken care of or referred. Such information is available in the maternal and child health diary with the pregnant woman, causing the provider to lack information. In the event that a pregnant woman has not yet entered the system or is lacking in services, including the pregnant woman herself does not have the knowledge and understanding of the risks and the correct course of action. Which can result in harm to health and life

Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health As the main responsible person in improving the quality of life of the Thai people Realized the importance of the above problem. And aims for all pregnant women to be cared for by a quality service network. Safe Mothers and Babies organized the event “Step towards a New Normal Service System with Knowledge and Technology for a Safe Pregnancy” with administrators, doctors, nurses, academics and related networks attending the event at the Kamthorn meeting room. Suwannakit Department of Health on March 8, 2021, ready to launch the development of a platform called Pink Book to collect reliable applications related to maternal and child health care. To enable pregnant women to choose to use the health app as a guide to self-care. Reduce the problem of accessing the service As well as having a preliminary assessment of their own risks Raise health awareness and encourage pregnant women to take care of themselves and enter the antenatal system for proper care. As well as is an application that can proactively find pregnant women at risk. It is also a system for monitoring and managing the health information of pregnant women to the staff. All of which will also support care planning at the national health practitioner and policy makers.

The Pink Book platform developed by the Department of Health. It is a collection and selection of useful health apps from reliable sources, such as Pink Book online, Save mom, KhunLook and Line @ 9 to create children by Pink Book online. Designed to be a maternal health assistant during pregnancy, postpartum and baby care, it is like a maternal and child health record. From birth to 6 years, the Save mom application has its own health risk screening function. For a safe pregnancy both the mother and the fetus When doing a pregnancy risk assessment The app will process and tell you the risk of pregnant women. Along with appearing advice on how to act for safe care. Next is the KhunLook application, which is a preliminary assessment of the health and stimulation of the child’s development by parents, teachers, together as public health personnel. It helps to save information. And follow the health of children and Line @ 9 to create a child It is another technology that will provide new parents with complete health information. For health care for women from pregnancy until the age of 6 years with content that is properly divided and matched according to the gestational age or the age of the baby.

For the Pink Book platform, it is easy to use. Via smartphone Supports all systems And people can access it for free

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