Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Despair in Mozambique: Ship with around 1,000 needy displaced from Palma heads for Pemba – World

A ship with about 1,000 displaced people from Palma who have been asking for help on the Afungi peninsula since Wednesday is expected between Tuesday and Wednesday in Pemba, a source for the oil company Total told Lusa.

The ship will transport the most deprived population after the attack on Wednesday, the 24th, to the village of Palma, which has been experiencing difficulties due to the lack of food, water and shelter next to the gas project site, where they sought safety.

The same source said that since the attack on Palma, 15 tons of essential food items have been distributed to the displaced population in Quitunda, on the Afungi peninsula, next to the complex under construction.

The priority for transport is given to the most vulnerable people, added the same source, according to which there are no foreign citizens among the people to be transported.

According to him, clinical treatment has been provided in the business complex under construction, in collaboration with the organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

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The injured have been transported by air to Pemba, including women in labor, adults and children targeted, among other injuries, added another source linked to the operations – the aid having already been provided by the least about 20 people.

The United Nations is one of the organizations that maintains an air bridge with Afungi with small planes, but all information about the ongoing operation is purposely scarce because armed groups remain a threat in the Palma area – and Afungi is only half a dozen kilometers.

Betinha Ribeiro, a member of Cáritas in Pemba, today showed Lusa a room with 1,920 reception sets for displaced people (with crackers and water) waiting for their arrival in Pemba.

As he indicated, each humanitarian organization will deliver different items for the first reception to the displaced population that lacks basic care.

Since Sunday, several boats, private and others organized by Total and authorities, have been transporting people to Palma, in a number that should already exceed 2,000, but without official confirmation.

“We still don’t have information on the population’s arrival. The information we have is that only employees” are arriving from the gas projects, the State and other firms. “These ‘kits’ are for the population”, helpless and forced to flee armed violence, he said.

The displaced in Afungi will be only part of the thousands on the run and have advanced in different directions across the bush since Wednesday, some reaching the border with Tanzania, 50 kilometers to the north.

A source linked to rescue and security operations told Lusa that there is still a refugee population on beaches in the district of Palma awaiting transport and that there are still no clear signs of military control of the village, despite ongoing operations.

At the same time, the air movement of airplanes at Pemba airport has grown, with some companies using aerial means to transport employees who are still in the building under construction in Afungi.

The violence is causing a humanitarian crisis with almost 700,000 displaced people and more than 2,000 deaths.

Daesh claimed control of the village of Palma on the border with Tanzania on Monday.

Several countries have offered military support on the ground to Maputo to fight these insurgents, but, to date, there has not yet been an opening for that, although there are reports and testimonies that point to the existence of security companies and mercenaries in the area.



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