Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Home World destroyed gravestones and smeared walls

destroyed gravestones and smeared walls

Tombstones destroyed, vases thrown to the ground and walls smeared with paint. This is how the animal cemetery of Alexandria appeared in the eyes of the numerous owners who every day go to greet their beloved deceased animals. He was obviously targeted by a group of vandals who on March 2 threw themselves at the tombstones bearing the names and photos of many cats and dogs, destroying them. And not only that: some vandals have broken the marble slabs placed to remember the four-legged friends who have disappeared, even stolen the flowers, thrown the vases on the ground and smeared the walls with spray paint.

I hope to see the cowards who caused this havoc sanctioned

“They are cowards, we have already started the complaints – said the municipal councilor for public works, Giovanni Barosini – my affectionate thoughts are addressed to all the volunteers who have always looked after this ‘sacred’ place with great love and dedication all those who, in this community, have buried their beloved animal over many years. The commissioner also explained that an animal cemetery will soon be built that has all the legal requirements, including safety systems: ” see heavily sanctioned the cowards who caused this havoc “, he concluded.

“It is not easy to find the words to write this post: the cemetery of animals has been at the mercy of obviously nameless vandals for a month – reads a long message left on Facebook by” The boys of Danilo Rivera “, the volunteers who devote their time to looking after the cemetery – they started by stealing the tombstone in memory of our beloved Danilo to continue their vandal path by destroying graves for no reason. now it is no longer safe. We trust in the police to try to stop them, thus giving a peaceful rest to the animals that lie there “.

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