Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Developments in the occupation of AUTh and the positions of rector for the initiatives of the Senate

The occupation of the administration building of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki by a group of people that remains in and during the night continues for the 10th day.

The Senate of the foundation implemented yesterday, Tuesday, an initiative to defuse the situation and dialogue with the student groups of schools and departments, which do not participate or support the specific occupation with resolutions, but react to the police intervention that took place at noon on February 22nd. implementation of the recently passed law 4777/21.

As for the effort to restore the administrative function of the university last Thursday, a committee of members of the Senate went to the occupied building, to investigate whether there is room for dialogue with the students inside it, to end the occupation. After being informed of this effort, which did not bear fruit, the Senate decided to address a public call for an end to the occupation and an invitation for dialogue with the student community as a whole.

In response to this invitation to participate in yesterday’s Senate meeting by teleconference, the “Coordinating Assembly of the Occupied Rector’s Office” responded that it was “an operation by the Rector’s Office to wear a democratic cloak this week” and denied the participation of its representatives, calling “All student associations to make competitive decisions and support the occupation of the rectory”.

Regarding the attempt to de-escalate the tension in the student community, representatives of the Student Struggle Front, the ESDP and the DAP responded to the invitation of the Senate for a dialogue, with the Senate, in its resolution, declaring that it shares their concerns. return to lifelong learning but also to express a desire for the release of arrested students, pledging to take the initiative of dialogue with students. Regarding the issue of university security, based on the provisions of law 4777/21, the Senate recognizes the need for adequate and effective security of the University premises and requests the implementation of the law to be done with respect to the academic space.

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In their resolutions, the members of the Senate also condemn “the unacceptable targeting of institutions of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, which makes it extremely difficult to solve the problem.”

Asked about the developments and initiatives undertaken by the Senate, the Rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki told APE-MPE: The Senate initiatives express this need for unity, so that we can move forward together the next day. “I am glad for all the student representatives who came to the dialogue, which we never refused, as long as it did not try to impose itself with mob logic.”

Regarding the continuation of the occupation, Mr. Papaioannou pointed out that “it makes impossible the operation of the administrative and financial services and School Departments in the Administration building of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki” and noted: “I appeal for it to end. The employees of the cleaning and security services should enter the building and the administrative employees should return to their positions. Beyond that, no rectory authority, no member of the Senate, is entitled to negotiate on requests that lack any legal basis or on requests that have nothing to do with issues of the university community. “It is one thing to have a dialogue and another to try to impose opinions by force.”

Regarding the attacks on his face, Mr. Papaioannou commented: “We live in a state governed by the rule of law. Alas, if the performance of my duties in accordance with the law, entailed my hostage under a regime of terror, threats and insults. Those who adopt these practices are isolated from society. “Democracy is not being blackmailed.”



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