Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Did the coronavirus escape from the lab? The WHO president unexpectedly went to his own people

The United States and 12 other countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, are requesting a new, “independent and transparent, non-intrusive” investigation into the origins of the coronavirus after the WHO 120-page report was found to be insufficient.

The WHO investigated the origin of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, according to a report that the infection may have spread indirectly from bats to humans and that it is “extremely unlikely” that it was released from a virus laboratory operating in the wholesale market, writes.

An important point is that even before the report was published, even the head of the WHO began to criticize his own people for not investigating the possibility of laboratory origin closely enough. This is a surprising move from Tedros Gebreesus, who has previously stated that he does not think it is likely that the infection was released from the lab. This was stated by the fact that the WHO staff was not allowed near the ominous laboratory by the Chinese authorities.

Some analysts say the political and financial struggle is behind the Pauline Revolution. China has been trying to put pressure on WHO leaders for years, which is why Donald Trump has expelled the United States, the WHO’s largest donor, from the organization. President Joe Biden has stopped exiting, but it is possible that the WHO leadership has decided they would rather do their best not to anger America again, as this could frighten their biggest financial backer. According to figures from the WHO last year, the United States provided 15.5% of the organization’s budget, while China provided just 0.2%.


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