Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Technology Do you remember The Crims, OGame and FreeKick or Hattrick? They...

Do you remember The Crims, OGame and FreeKick or Hattrick? They were games!

Browser games that I remember

The Crims, or the life of a criminal divided into seasons

First, I would like to explain what kind of games I mean, because some of you may think of such Miniclip or Kurnik websites. Yes, I was there quite regularly, but this time I draw your attention to slightly different titles – those based on classic websites, not Flash. The Crims and OGame were in the lead among them, and as it turns out, both are still operational and available. The first is, of course, a chance to go to the wrong side of the law – we are moving to CrimCity – metropolises for gangsters, murderers and criminals – where we gain respect for robberies, thefts, beatings and other smaller or larger offenses.

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Graphics Source.

At each level, we can allow ourselves to take specific actions, and if we try to get more points too early and get away with the hoe to the sun, we will be punished. A typical mechanism for this type of games is, of course, resource revival, so long minutes most often stared at the counter on the screen or talked to others on GG. When there was a mania for this game in my area, we all competed in leveling up, but the biggest problem for me was always season games, i.e. ending the round after some time and restarting the server.

I understand perfectly well what this game was about and that thanks to the rewards, the involvement of players was even greater, and besides, it was not possible to reach higher levels endlessly, but after the fourth or fifth reset, the emotions subsided, because the same thing was done over and over again. I can see that not much has changed in The Crims today, which is both good and bad news.

OGame, or own planet, fleet and fight for survival

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The situation with OGame is completely different, because here the development of our planets and fleet takes much more time and it is a game that can be played over many weeks or months. The rules of the game haven’t changed significantly after the last few (ten?) Years since I last saw this page, but the visuals update is fully understandable. OGame was the second game I spent so much time in after The Crims, but at one point I just stopped playing because the best fun was only when you played together with your friends. Fighting against unfavorable neighbors on your own is not so much fun.

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