Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Doctor Myasnikov assessed the statement of the Ministry of Health on the third wave of COVID-19 in the Russian Federation

Alexander Myasnikov, TV presenter and head physician of Moscow Hospital No. 71, reacted to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Health of Russia Tatyana Semenova that the incidence rates suggest a third wave of coronavirus in the Russian Federation.

First of all, he urged Russians to learn that the coronavirus has come into their lives forever and will not disappear. “This is the fifth human coronavirus that has stayed with us for permanent residence. The previous four many decades cause up to half of all acute respiratory infections, and can also cause viral pneumonia with mortality in the elderly up to 10%, “Myasnikov wrote in his Telegram channel, noting that” all coronaviruses are characterized by waves, and the new one is not an exception”.

The TV doctor believes that in many countries the third wave of coronavirus has already been noted, but not in Russia yet. At the same time, Myasnikov urged to be ready for it – to be vaccinated. “There is only one thing we can really do: mass vaccination,” the doctor explained.

He also expressed the opinion that the Russian Federation understood that “to impose severe restrictions is the way to nowhere, to the collapse of everything.” “We practically did not introduce serious restrictions in the second wave, and there will be none in the third. Because then there will be 4th and 5th and 6th, ”the TV presenter believes. He also advised Russians to be prepared that vaccinations will be annually or every two years.

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