Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Documentary about Billie Eilish puts music on the anxiety and longing of the zoom generation

DDocumentaries have enormous power over legacy, and they are increasingly tailored to get us viewers to take a stand – for or against, victim or villain, who is brave and who is loser. At a time when a symbiosis has arisen between the representations of documentaries and the judicial power of the comment fields on social media, we are forced to be more critical of the purpose of the depictions of reality we are presented with.

I have started watching documentaries with great biased skepticism. For it seems as if the logic of the Internet is already embedded in advance, and the Twitter reactions anticipated and included. Therefore, it was with a whole lot of reservations that I sat down to watch the Billie Eilish documentary ‘The World’s a Little Blurry’. For should we now watch another square film about a poor pop icon who has burned himself in the spotlight in a cold and cynical showbiz world?

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